A Guide To Decorating Your Florida Living Room

At Florida Homes and Living, you can learn how to design your home’s interior and exterior. Here is a list of Florida living room ideas that include paint colors, accents, flooring, furniture, lighting fixtures, and home decor.

Florida is a great place to live! The sunshine state has plenty of warm weather for a vacation vibe all year round. However, Florida homes are designed to welcome a cooling and serene environment because of the subtropical climate.

In this article, we share with you some Florida bedroom design ideas to follow when decorating your bedroom so you can get the most out of your Florida house.

Florida Living Room Design Ideas

Currently, open concept design is the most popular selection for home buyers. Below is a variety of ideas to decorate your Florida living room.

1) Living Rooms with Neutral Tones

Neutrals with multiple textures using decor and wallpaper and marble table

In this living room, neutral colors were used to create a modern look. The tray ceiling features a wooden finish with a hanging chandelier above the middle of the room.

neutral colors in a living room with wallpaper on one of the walls

Here is another look that features neutral tones. Again, a wooden finish was applied to the ceiling detail. Wood floor tiling is a common feature in Florida homes, and it works well in this space.

modern open concept living room with tile wood floor

2) Living Rooms with Black and White

In this minimalist interior design, black and white with a hint of light blue were used to make a beautiful aesthetic in this living room space.

black and white minimalist design in a living room with white couch and black coffee table

3) Living Room with an Industrial and Rustic Design

In this living room, you can see modern furniture that complement the natural wood beams installed on the ceiling.

living room with modern furniture showing natural wood beams installed on the ceiling

This living room connects to the dining area and kitchen. All of the furniture and artwork has a rustic feel to it, especially the lighting fixtures above the kitchen island.

Industrial Modern Design of an open floor concept with couch in living room and kitchen with island in the background

See more inspiration for this modern industrial interior design.

4) White Living Room Inspiration

Side table and pillows with art design in a small living room

In one area of this living room, there are two armchairs with a metal/silver side table in between them. Then there is a spectacular art piece hanging on the wall behind the armchairs. The lighter colors contrast with the darker flooring.

two armchairs with modern furniture and creative wall art behind the armchairs

5) Modern Living Rooms with Various Textures and Shapes

Check out this neutral style living room in this Sanford, Florida home. Every element in this space works together to create a unique look.

There is wood tile flooring that connects to the dining area and kitchen, which makes everything in the open concept main floor feel connected.

Then you can see various textures and styles in the area rug, the window curtains, the furniture, and the throw pillows.

The finishing touch is the stunning chandelier. You can purchase a similar sputnik chandelier on Amazon!

neutral style living room in Sanford, Florida

The best feature in this next living room is the high ceilings! There was plenty of space to install this accent wall and spruce it up with a mounted TV and wall art.

This design with the huge wall with windows is currently the most popular design style and very few communities have it available.

modern living room with white couches and dark blue throw pillows and a high ceiling

6) Traditional Living Room Design

This open concept living room has a lot of black and white inspiration. The dark-colored wood tile floors match the ceiling design and bring the whole space together.

The railing and details on the staircase contrast with the white walls and doors in a beautiful way. The furniture was placed in the room strategically so that the blue tones are very subtle.

traditional living room with dark colored wood tile and black and white furniture and accents

This is another angle of the traditional open concept main floor with dining area, living room, and kitchen island in view. Look at the variety in lighting fixtures and natural light pouring in from the windows.

traditional open concept main floor with dining area, living room, and kitchen island

Here is another traditional interior design. There is a lot of open space because the furniture is very simple and minimalistic.

traditional modern interior with open concept living room and kitchen

Florida Interior Design

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  1. My mom is thinking of investing in the appearance of her home, but she’s not sure where to begin. I love your idea of investing in new living room furniture that can give her house a modern aesthetic. It may be a good idea for us to visit a furniture store if she’s okay with this idea.

  2. Hi! We have just purchased a fabric, very light-teal, three seat sofa and matching armchair w/ ottoman for our small living room. The area abuts the lanai which has white plantation shutters on the sliders. Living room is part of an open floor plan which opens onto the kitchen/ breakfast bar and small breakfast nook on one side and a dining area, separated by bedroom door in between living and dining area. White tile floors thruout above-mentioned space.
    Can you help make this space feel like home? We are open to any ideas!

  3. I love what you did Nicole! We have a home in Florida my husband and I bought 7 years ago. I couldn’t figure out what to do with it since it’s so different from our home we had in Pittsburgh. Different size walls irregular shaped ceilings, it’s just so different so I haven’t done anything! Could you give me an idea of the colors you have used.
    Thank you so much you are truly blessed with a gift

    1. HiDebra! I am happy you loved this one! These are actually model home living room designs. I help my clients recreate rooms by cutting and pasting multiple design styles. You are not alone with the challenges. Email me a few photos and I will help share some concepts and spaces that I think will help you. Each home is so different. Also include some room designs or colors that inspire you. Welcome to Florida:)

  4. I’m very impressed with this Design. I have my House under construction in Orlando in DR Phillips I like to use your Help/service for designing my house. I would be appreciate. Please send me your contact information.
    Thank you

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