12 Best Bedroom Lighting Fixtures to Add Ambiance and Style

If you’re looking for a way to add some style and elegance to your bedroom, you may want to consider installing some bedroom lighting fixtures. There are many different types of fixtures available, and they can range in price and design. Some of the best options include light fixtures with stylish designs or bright LED lights that use less energy.

Some of the most popular bedroom lighting fixtures include lighted vanity mirrors, chandeliers, and pendant lights. All of these options can help make your bedroom look more luxurious and inviting. If you’re unsure which fixture is right for your room, don’t hesitate to ask a friend or family member for their opinion. They’ll be able to help you choose the perfect lighting solution for your needs.

Blue Accent Wall with Molding details behind bed and two pieces of wall art

What type of lighting is best for bedrooms?

When designing model homes, I recommend pendants and chandeliers. They are certainly the most stylish while remaining warm and welcoming. You’ll also be amazed at how affordable many of the prices are!

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Now it’s time for you to check out our list of the best bedroom lighting fixtures, categorized by modern interior design style. Amazon Prime customers can purchase any of these lighting fixtures for quick delivery to your doorstep!

Farmhouse Lighting Fixtures

Wooden Pendant Light | $103

This wooden pendant light has a distressed off-white wooden finish. This gives the light an aged feel while still looking brand new and stylish.

Semi-Flush Convertible| $170

This convertible light by Progress Lighting offers a rustic farmhouse look. It looks really pretty, especially with some vintage light bulbs. The best part is that it’s so easy to install and will look great in any space in your home.

Handmade Wood Orb Chandelier | $160

This eye-catching orb chandelier is a perfect combination of classic and contemporary. This lighting fixture gives off the ultimate farmhouse aesthetic. It’ll work as an elegant hanging centerpiece in any room of your home.

Farmhouse Chandelier | $212

A farmhouse chandelier may sound like an oxymoron, but in this case, it’s a combination of warmth and elegant style. This particular chandelier gives off a palace appeal.

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Mid Century Modern and Industrial Lighting Fixtures

Vintage Metal Cage Ceiling Light | $59

This industrial lighting fixture is really cool. Look at the brushed nickel finish! It can easily add a vintage look to home.

Pendant Lighting with Clear Glass and Textile Cord | $66

This pendant lighting is modern and retro. The oval-shaped clear glass pendant light showcases a vintage atmosphere.

Industrial Starburst-Style Sputnik Chandelier | $97

So cute. This industrial lighting has a starburst-style lighting is a showstopper.

Imperium Fixture 9-Light Chandelier | $180

If modern and industrial is calling your name, then go with this chandelier. The height is adjustable so you can keep it close to the ceiling or lower it a few inches. Either way, this one is definitely making an artistic statement.

Retro Glam Style

Crystal Chandelier Lighting | $30

If you need light in a smaller space, consider this crystal chandelier. Smaller bedrooms, walk-in closets, or the hallway leading to your bedroom would work well. This one has so many rave reviews!

Crystal Ball Light Fixture | $40

This hanging light fixture comes with crystal balls. So unique! It’s lightweight but sturdy. You can also change the “look” of it by installing warm white or daylight white G9 bulbs.

Stainless Steel Crystal Pendant Lighting | $125

This chandelier looks like a blast of fireworks! It looks spectacular considering the price point. Really affordable and you can install it yourself!

Crystal Chandelier | $171

Talk about glam! This rectangular-shaped crystal chandelier appears opulent yet it’s affordable. It would look lovely in a bedroom but would also work well above your dining room table or kitchen island. A must-have for making a statement!

Need help installing your new lighting fixtures? Check out this tutorial.

If you’re thinking about selling your home, new lighting fixtures is one way to make your home feel new. As a real estate agent, I can help you sell your home and find your dream home!

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