How to Create a Glam Bedroom

Looking for glitz and glam bedroom ideas? Glam bedrooms are a great way to incorporate sophistication and chic decor in your home. Here are some tips and tricks for creating a glamorous interior design in your master bedroom.

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What is a Glam Bedroom?

Glam design style is ornate, extravagant, and brings a balance of luxury and functionality. This style has elaborate details with luxurious fabrics. Many glam bedrooms will feature crystal chandeliers, velvet headboards, gold accents, shimmery lamp shades, and gallery walls.

How Do I Make My Bedroom Glamorous?

The key to creating a glam bedroom is to transform the space into a luxe showpiece. Some styles include crystals and shimmery decor while other glam styles are more subtle with gold and metallic accents. They may even feature vintage furniture to create an old Hollywood or retro look.

With the inspiration shown here, you will definitely be tempted to add a touch of glamour to your own bedroom. Here are a few ways to create a glam bedroom design in your master bedroom, which we will go over in detail:

The Perfect Glam Bedroom Ideas for Your Home

Your bedroom has always been a great place to kick back and relax. But wouldn’t it be better if it had some personality? Adding a little (or a lot) of glam is easier than you think. Whether you’re just looking to explore bedroom ideas or change your room to a shimmering masterpiece, I have you covered.

Creating a “glittery” bedroom isn’t as difficult as it may seem, and it certainly doesn’t have to break the bank. With these glam bedroom tips, you can make your master bedroom shine in no time at all.

1) Gold Color Scheme

There isn’t necessarily a right or wrong color scheme for a glitz and glam bedroom, but there are some color schemes that work better than others. This isn’t the place to try a dark, moody color scheme with blacks and dark blues everywhere.

rectangular molding behind bed in master bedroom with wall hangings as center decor

To accent the glitter and gleam, light colors work best. Unlike dark colors, light colors reflect light and put focus on your shimmery accents.

2) Neutral Color Scheme with Dark Accents

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t use colors or have any black at all. Instead of painting your whole bedroom a dark color, try just an accent wall. An accent wall can add some dimension and visual interest without taking away from the shine in your room.

While white and cream work best to keep your room feeling open and bright, you can add some colors if it feels too stiff. Stick to just one or two pops of color in your room.

Add a few pieces with a pop of color such as orange, pink or even navy blue. They could be a chair, accent pillows, or an area rug. Just make sure to keep the rest of your room light and bright. You don’t want to overwhelm the space with color if you want the glitz and glam as the focal point.

3) Pink Color Scheme

You can even create a pink bedroom with gold and metallic accents. This color palette is not for everyone, but it certainly makes a unique and retro bedroom with rich color.

4) Wall Sconces and Lamps

Lighting is key when bringing glitz and glam into your bedroom. You have to have lots of light to reflect off your glittery decorations and shiny surfaces. So how can you add proper lighting?

Depending on how big your bedroom is, you want at least a couple of lamps in your bedroom. You should be able to have enough light to brighten every corner of your room when it’s dark outside.

You can also change the tone of the light in your bedroom. Bright fluorescent lights will bring lots of light to your room, but they can sometimes be too bright. Light that’s too bright can take over and overpower the sparkle.

Instead, switch out your lightbulbs so you have warm, soft lighting on your walls and furniture. Soft light illuminates the sparkle without drowning it.

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5) Crystal Chandelier

Another way you can add shimmer is with crystals. Crystals make great embellishments because they reflect light through their facets. You can find lamps, throw pillows, and other decorations that have crystal embellishments.

Don’t overlook the lighting in your ceiling! Switch out your ceiling light fixture to something bold and give your room a whole new vibe. Crystal chandeliers add instant glam to any room.

But if that isn’t your thing, you can try something more modern with lots of lightbulbs to give your room a cool edge.

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6) Hang Mirrors Around Your Bedroom

There’s a reason that mirrors are such a popular home decoration. One, they give you lots of opportunities to look at yourself. But more importantly, they reflect light.

This is important because they’ll not only shine light into your bedroom to highlight your glitz and glam, but a pretty mirror itself can be a shiny accent piece.

You can add mirrors in a couple of different ways. Add lots of little mirrors to one wall to create a cool dimensional effect. This would work well for small rooms where different-sized mirrors can add more variation and interest to a small space.

If you’re lucky enough to have a large bedroom, feel free to use large mirrors. They will reflect a lot of light in your space. You can also add a floor-length mirror to any sized room, which is great for getting dressed in the morning but also reflects light.

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7) Use Shimmering Furniture

One of the most fun parts of glitz and glam bedroom ideas is picking out the furniture and decorations. You get to use a lot of your own creativity here! Decor and the right piece of furniture are very important to bring the right amount of shimmer. Some things you can focus on are:

8) Metallic Accents

Whether they’re silver, gold, gunmetal, or rose gold, metallics reflect lots of natural light. Adding metallics to your room is pretty easy, especially considering there are so many decorations with metallic surfaces. Light fixtures can also be metallic, and frames around artwork can be metallic too, especially if you purchase a gold frame or silver frame.

9) Shiny Surfaces

The right furniture for a shiny bedroom has the right surfaces. Avoid matte furniture, which will absorb light. Shiny surfaces will reflect light onto your decorations, which will highlight the glitz and glam in your bedroom.

Consider transparent furniture. While furniture that is solid to the floor can block off light, transparent furniture shines light right through. It can even make your room look bigger, and it also makes for the perfect surface for your shiny decorations. Bedside tables with reflective mirrors are a great option.

If you aren’t in the market for new furniture, try placing a shiny throw or plate on your existing furniture. A reflective plate makes a great statement piece for makeup, perfume, and other delicate accessories.

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10) Faux Blankets

While you’re adding lots of shiny finishes to your room, you want to make sure it stays looking luxurious. Add some other touches to balance out the shimmer.

A great way to make a glamorous statement is by layering your bed with a variety of blankets and decor pillows. Faux pillows are really great because they’re affordable and oh so comfortable. And who doesn’t love a furry throw blanket?

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11) Wall Art

Wall decors are a great opportunity to add more shine to your walls. Incorporate gold, silver, and shimmery art on your walls to reflect more light in your room.

You can do this in many different ways: metallic clocks, large paintings, and metallic picture frames. Art has a way of making your room feel more luxurious and opulent.

Get creative by adding a lot of small artwork to one wall and leaving the rest blank or minimally decorated. Or add a couple of bold, large art pieces around your bedroom.

Either way, they’ll bring focus and attention to your walls, which will redirect attention to all the glitz and glam in your bedroom.

You can also DIY and add crystals to your already-existing decor with a glue gun and some rhinestones.

12) Mix in Natural Materials like Houseplants

Does it seem counterintuitive? While they aren’t shiny or shimmery, plants bring life into a room. If you use too many non-natural surfaces, i.e. surfaces that are very shiny, you run the risk of a bedroom that feels stuffy. You don’t need every single surface to be shiny, and adding some plants will help balance it out.

Not to mention that adding plants, whether they’re real or a faux plant, allows you to pick out their planters. There are plenty of metallic, shiny, and glittery pot options available.

dumb cane houseplant placed next to table

13) Luxury Bed Frame

Your bed frame and headboard are opportunities to add luxury to your room. They don’t have to be shiny or reflect light, although they can be.

Just adding a headboard will make your room feel more comfortable and rich. This is important since you want the glam to feel opulent and not tacky.

Try a textured headboard or metal bed frame to add some variation to your bedroom.

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14) Matte walls

Between glossy and matte walls, pick matte walls. Not only does it look more luxurious and expensive, but matte walls reflect light better.

Glossy walls tend to create glare rather than reflect light, which would not be comfortable in a bright bedroom. Opt for matte walls to complement your shimmery bedroom decor.

15) Comfortable Bedding

Like we said before, there’s a fine line between tacky and luxurious. Ensure you’re on the elegant side of the line by using comfy, light-colored bedding. It will keep your room looking light, airy, and inviting.

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16) Use Light Area Rugs or Flooring

One way to bring lots of light into your space is by changing up your floors. Dark floors close in a space and absorb light, which will make your bedroom seem smaller, darker, and overall less sparkly. If you are remodeling, put light colored flooring down. Light-colored carpet and light-colored flooring will highlight the sparkle and shine without taking away from it.

Of course, not everyone can or wants to update flooring. If you’re not in a position to change the floors, consider adding an area rug instead. Any light-colored rug can do. A shaggy white rug adds opulence as well as a soft place to put your feet. As long as it brightens up the space, it can highlight the glitz and glam in your room.

If you love color, a brightly colored rug is a great place to bring color to your bedroom while keeping it sparkly and shiny.

While too much color on the walls and decor can take away from the brightness of a room, a brightly colored rug will bring light. Patterned rugs are okay too, just make sure to keep it light and bright.

17) Consider Vintage Furniture

Vintage styles are very popular in glam bedrooms as well because they provide a unique look and can easily remind of old Hollywood glam. Consider buying pieces of furniture filled with history at your local thrift stores or you can find similar styles online.

Velvet couches and wooden furniture work great. If you select furniture with gold or metallic hardware, it will work really well with the theme. You can even create a gallery wall with vintage artwork!

Love the Glamorous Look?

When it comes to glitz and glam, you can do as much or as little as you want. That’s the fun part! It all comes down to your personal taste and style. Try these glam bedroom ideas and you’ll be on your way to creating a glamorous, shimmering bedroom.

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