11 Incredible Ceiling Design Ideas You’ll Love

Are you looking to make some simple upgrades to your home? Any designer will tell you that there is incredible potential when it comes to ceiling designs. Use the incredible ceiling design ideas for inspiration.

One of the best ways to update your home’s look is by updating your ceiling design. There are endless possibilities when it comes to designing a ceiling, so use these incredible ideas as inspiration.

Some great ideas for updating your ceiling include adding a new texture, paint color, or lighting fixtures. You can also choose to go with a more modern or contemporary style or go with something more traditional.

Whatever you choose, make sure that the design works well with the rest of your home and reflects your personal style.

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Modern Ceiling Design Ideas

No longer should you ignore the design potential that your ceilings can add to each room in your home. Here are a few ceiling design ideas that you can easily incorporate into your home.

1) Modern Wood Beams

Wood beams can add a natural look to any interior space. This architectural feature easily adds charm.

Natural wood beams in a tray ceiling within a Florida living room

As you can see, they add a lot of detail to this modern living room. The wood beams compliment the moulding on the ceiling and the furniture below.

living room with modern furniture showing natural wood beams installed on the ceiling

2) All Wood Ceiling

If you really like the look of natural wood, check out this master bedroom with a beach theme. It has natural wood covering the entire ceiling with a chandelier in the center.

natural wood ceiling in a coastal master bedroom design

2) Tray Ceiling with Wood Beams

This open concept dining room and office space have a tray ceiling separating the two spaces. Wood beams are used as accents above the dining room table. They add a little bit of color to this mostly white and neutral space.

Double Tray Ceilings with Dark Wood Beams

3) Dark Colored Wood Beams

The wood beams can also be painted which creates a completely custom look to this master bedroom. It’s almost like having an accent wall but on your ceiling!

dark wood beams installed on a painted ceiling in a Florida home

Check out these dark colored beams that were installed in a master bedroom. The rest of the ceiling is painted white and light blue.

dark colored beams installed in bedroom with a ceiling that's painted white and light blue

4) Cottage Farmhouse Wood Beams

Wood beams look so nice, especially in a cottage farmhouse style living room like this one.

cottage farmhouse style wood beams installed on ceiling in living room

5) Corner Beams

These beautiful black corner beams are installed in a living space next to a mounted TV and media center. Similar to an accent wall, but for your ceiling!

black corner beams installed in living space next to TV and media center

6) Crown Moulding in Entryway

The crown moulding here shows multiple layers with an industrial lighting fixture in the center.

Crown Molding with Paint for the Entry Ceiling

7) Ceiling Millwork with Chandelier

If glam is your thing, the lines and textures in this high-ceiling living room shows off a luxurious design. The chandelier is an additional element that makes the space look stunning!

Ceiling mill work with geometric design and a chic chandelier

8) Wood Paneling and Modern Light Fixture

This bedroom is uses neutral tones and a darker colored ceiling to make a statement. It adds so much character and compliments the painted walls.

Wood panel ceilings in a master bedroom

9) Black and White Ceiling Design

It doesn’t get much more modern than this. This ornate dining room includes a rectangular modern light fixture, cutouts int he ceilings, and a black staircase leading upstairs.

Ornate dining room details with rectangular modern light fixture

10) Modern Ceiling Design

If modern interior design is more your style, then consider this ornate ceiling detail complimented by a modern ceiling fan.

Ornate Ceiling Detail with Modern Ceiling Fan

11) Coffered Ceilings

This dreamy master bedroom includes a rattan and white coffered ceilings.

master bedroom with rattan and white coffered ceilings

This beautiful beige-colored coffered ceiling adds a neutral accent to this white ceiling. It matches all the tones and textures of the living room furniture below.

beige colored coffered ceiling pieces in living room with a white ceiling

Did you enjoy these ceiling design ideas?

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