How to Create a Nature-Inspired Interior Design Style

Nature-inspired interior design is a style that seeks to incorporate elements of nature into the design of a space. This style often uses materials such as wood, stone, and plants to create a natural and organic feel.

As a real estate agent, I tour many homes in and around Orlando, Florida. In Florida home interiors, I’m noticing a shift in pops of color to more subtle and calming colors. Earthy tones and natural elements combined with modern designs are becoming increasingly trendy!

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What is biophilia theory in interior design?

Biophilia theory in interior design is the idea that humans have an innate connection to nature and that incorporating natural elements into interior spaces can enhance our well-being and productivity.

The term “biophilia” was coined by biologist E.O. Wilson in the 1980s and refers to the idea that humans have an instinctual affinity for other living things.

In interior design, biophilic elements may include natural materials such as wood and stone, plants and greenery, natural light, and views of the outdoors.

The incorporation of biophilic elements is believed to improve air quality, reduce stress, and increase productivity and creativity. Studies have shown that exposure to nature can lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety, and improve cognitive function.

Biophilic design can be incorporated into various interior spaces, including homes, offices, healthcare facilities, and educational environments. In addition to the benefits of increased well-being and productivity, biophilic design can also create a sense of connection with the natural world and a deeper appreciation for the environment.

How to Create a Nature-Inspired Home Design

In five ways, you can achieve the same look in your home without overdoing the decor. Below are my favorite tips for creating an earthy look for your home.

Use natural materials

Choose furniture and décor made from natural wood, bamboo, or stone. These materials create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Here are some ideas for incorporating natural materials into your space:

Incorporate wood into your space through furniture, flooring, or accent pieces. Wood adds warmth and texture to a room and can be used in various styles, from rustic to modern.

Stone can be used in a variety of ways, such as a fireplace surround, a backsplash, or a feature wall. It adds a natural element and texture to a space.

Bamboo is a sustainable and eco-friendly material used for flooring, furniture, and even wall coverings. It adds a natural, tropical feel to a space.

Cork is another sustainable material that is great for flooring or wall coverings. It is durable, warm, and has natural sound insulation properties.

Linen is a natural fabric that adds texture and softness to a space. It can be used for bedding, curtains, or even upholstery.

Incorporating natural materials into your space is a great way to add warmth, texture, and a sense of nature to your interior design. Choose materials that fit your style and budget, adding to your space’s overall aesthetic.

Earthy paint colors like green and brown are a great way to bring nature into your home!

Use earthy colors

Consider using earthy colors like greens, browns, and blues to create a calming and natural atmosphere.

Regarding paint, stick to muted greens, which can be used on the walls or kitchen cabinets. These colors will complement the contrast in lighter neutrals. Consider a backsplash to add more texture to the kitchen.

Use this color palette generator to help you choose what you like!

Bring in plants

Incorporating plants into your space not only adds a natural element, but also has the added benefit of purifying the air.

Choose plants that are low maintenance and suited to the lighting conditions of your space.

Some plants require direct sunlight, while others prefer shade. Some plants thrive in warm temperatures, while others prefer cooler temperatures.

Using a variety of plants with different shapes, sizes, and colors can add interest and depth to your space.

Natural light makes a room feel bigger and cozier!

Let in natural light

Use window treatments that allow natural light to filter in, and avoid blocking windows with heavy curtains or furniture.

entryway with painted ceiling and wood tile flooring

Install modern floorings

When it comes to flooring, a couple of options work. Luxury vinyl flooring or wood tiles are recommended because they can look natural and complement all sorts of furniture and home decor.

green painted chairs in open concept kitchen

And don’t forget the backsplash. This is a simple way to elevate the design in any kitchen. This is a patterned backsplash with green in the tile design.

Kitchen with Geometric Backsplash behind the stovetop

Create accent walls

You could focus on accent walls in the entry, dining room, or in the bedroom for maximum impact. Below are some images that show an option for wall designs in a natural wood finish that adds texture to the space.  

Office Decor with Floor Tiles on Wall layered with abstract painting and faux decor accents
Open shelves in the home office can make it feel open and organized.

Install open shelves

Installing open shelves is a great way to add storage and display space to your interior design, while also creating a sense of openness and airiness in your space.

Open shelves are a great way to display items such as books, vases, picture frames, and other decorative items. Be creative and use the shelves as an opportunity to showcase your personality and style!

Just be sure to choose the right location, materials, and keep it organized to ensure that it fits seamlessly into your overall design.

nature inspired wall art with wood frames

Include nature-inspired wall art

Finally, let’s talk about home decor: wall art, pillows, blankets, window curtains, wood tables, houseplants, faux plants, and more.

Consider some of these simple yet beautiful wall art ideas. Watercolor paintings or nature-inspired artwork with wood framing look great in these Florida Homes.

nature inspired water color painting hanging in bathroom next to shower

Below, you can purchase nature-inspired home decor for your own home!

As you can see, nature-inspired home decor can make a home feel cozy and remind of the natural elements outdoors.

Bottom Line

Overall, nature-inspired interior design is about creating a comfortable, organic space that reflects the beauty and tranquility of the natural world.

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