How to Design Your Kitchen to Fit Your Decorating Style

When it comes to modern kitchen design, planning ahead is crucial for creating a kitchen you love that’s both stylish and functional. Take a look at these Florida homes that feature a variety of kitchen design ideas.

Going to the design center can be intimidating and stressful when you are presented with so many options by the builder. When I’m prepping for a new client design appointment, I like to do most of the prep work a month in advance.

Designing Your Kitchen in a Few Simple Steps

For most homebuyers, the kitchen is the most important part of building a dream home. So to help make this an easier process, I like to present independent options to see what each client loves. Here are 7 items that we cover during the design process.

1) Identify the best color combo

Step one is deciding on a few select colors to create a color palette. Some homebuyers want all white kitchens, others like dark cabinets to provide contrast, and others like neutral tones.

When I see a trend in color combinations, styles or textures, I will present the most popular options to my clients.

For example, here is earthy green neutrals. The final results can be seen in this open concept main floor.

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2) Cabinets

Nowadays, the most popular cabinets are gray and white or dark cabinets and white countertops.

modern kitchen design with oven installed in the cabinet space
High Gloss Flooring paired with Natural Wood Cabinets and Lighting in open concept living room and kitchen

3) Countertops

Marble countertops with dark cabinets or white cabinets with dark hardware are super popular for a clean look. This is a top selection for those that prefer modern farmhouse design.

Modern Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen with kitchen island and open concept with dining room

Countertops are very much personal preference. Granite and quartz counters are both beautiful. Quartz tends to be more durable and easier to keep clean. However, granite is in a lower price range.

Kitchen Island with cabinet details and decor

Keep textures and lines in mind when selecting countertops. Look at this beautiful modern kitchen design with waterfall countertops!

modern kitchen design with large kitchen island that has dark blue wood and white marble countertops

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4) Backsplash

Backsplash is a lovely touch that adds texture and in some cases a splash of color to the kitchen design.

Those who still love white kitchen cabinets are sprucing up their spaces with backsplashes that have a pop of color or different patterns. This adds visual interest against the brightness of the cabinets.

There are many different options when it comes to a backsplash. From adding visual interest, a pop of color, or cohesiveness to the design of your kitchen, you have a great deal of room for creativity available.

5) Flooring

Flooring, especially in Florida needs special consideration. Not only does it need to complete the look of your kitchen, but it also needs to be durable.

modern kitchen design with large kitchen island, wood tile flooring, and rustic lighting fixtures

In Florida homes, you want to share options that are going to last with water intrusion and are durable. Those are key factors because of the amount of foot traffic and potential hurricane or storm damages that may happen.

dark wood vinyl plank flooring in an open concept living room and kitchen

6) Kitchen Hardware

One of the finishing touches is the kitchen hardware including a matching sink whenever possible! Many homebuyers appreciate the large farmhouse sink, especially if they do a lot of cooking at home.

modern kitchen design with white cabinets and countertops with black appliances including kitchen sink

7) Kitchen Decor

The final step and this one is the most fun! To complete the design, we shop for kitchen decor that matches the decorating style.

If you’re looking for kitchen design inspiration, follow us on Pinterest. It’s a perfect place to start to visually see what is liked the most and allows you to see things in small doses.

For more inspiration, check out some of my Story Pins on Pinterest: Black and White Modern Farmhouse, Modern Industrial Design, How to Add Blue to Your Decor, and Minimalist Design.

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