Best Swimming Pool Waterfalls & Water Features

Luxury pool designs should include swimming pool water features because they can add beauty and tranquility to your backyard. This can be especially helpful after a long day when you want to relax in the peace and quiet of your own backyard.

When designing your backyard oasis, be sure to consider adding a water feature that will create soothing sounds. This can be a great addition to any outdoor space and can help take away some of the noise from the surrounding environment.

Popular Swimming Pool Water Features

Water features can be one of the most popular additions to a backyard pool. They offer guests a place to cool off, add interest, and make the pool more fun.

There are many types of water features that can be added to a pool, but some of the most timeless and mesmerizing include spas, fountains, and streams.

No matter what type of water feature is chosen, it is important to choose one that will fit into the overall design of the pool and complement its other features.

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1) Natural Rock Waterfall

luxury pool with a fire pit and hammock

Waterfalls are a popular choice for swimming pools because they add beauty and interest to the landscape while providing a place for guests to cool off. They come in many different shapes and sizes, from small cascades to large waterfalls with a dramatic height differences.

Waterfalls are a popular addition to swimming pools, often built with natural rocks or boulders as part of the design. They can add a touch of nature and beauty to your pool, while also providing a flow of water that can keep swimmers cool during warm weather.

There are many different types and styles of waterfall designs that can fit any pool, so be sure to find one that will complement the surroundings and meet your specific needs.

2) Bubblers

luxury modern pool with bubbler waterfalls and deep blue tiles

A bubbler is a small jet on the floor of a shallow surface of the pool that shoots streams of water. The height of the streams can be adjusted.

This bubbling water feature, also called pool gushers, comes up from the water and makes a bubbly sound.

You need a shallow shelf or step to set it up and it’s like having a mini-fountain in your pool. You can make the nights magical by adding lights.

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3) Rain Curtain

A water sheet or curtain is usually mounted on a wall, pergola roof, or overhang to fall into the pool.

Adding a rain curtain or rain wall gives you both the sound and the illusion of relaxing rainfall.

A freestanding structure like a pergola is a perfect place for this water feature that transforms your backyard into the oasis you’ve been dreaming of.

4) Scupper

Beautiful and functional. Scuppers are slots or spouts typically from a raised ledge or wall from which water flows into your pool.

This water feature also has a practical function also…bringing water from another section into the pool. Have a spa? it helps circulate the water and keep it fresh. They also help control the flow of water helping to maintain the right water level.

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5) Water Fountain Bowls

Pool with pergola and multiple water features and white ceramic tile pavers

These are gorgeous also. A great way to make your swimming pool stand out is with a beautiful piece of fountain artwork.

From hammered copper or natural stone be sure to choose the style, shape, and color that complements your style and creates a space you can’t get enough of.

6) Spillover Spa

custom pool with curves and hot tub

The spa is an incorporated custom-built water feature that spills or trickles into the pool below. The spa can be set up on either side of the pool, or in the center.?

It is also possible to add extra spas on either side of the main one. This allows for plenty of space to relax and enjoy all that a relaxing day at the pool has to offer.

In addition, there are several different jets and bubbling sounds to choose from so that everyone can find their favorite way to relax.

Whether you’re looking for a quiet place to read a book or someplace more active where you can dip your toes in the pool, this spillover spa will make it easy for you.

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7) Sheer Descent Waterfall

pool with travertine tiled seating and fire pit in the middle of pool

Some waterfalls are designed specifically for pools, and they can be quite dramatic without adding too much extra pizzazz.

These features produce a clean arc of water that flows from a raised wall into your pool. The flow of the waterfall can be gentle or rapid, depending on your preference.

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