6 Mid-Century Modern Flooring Options

Looking for that perfect Mid-Century Modern Flooring for your home?

Read on to learn more about the flooring options that will help you transform your living space into a striking Mid-Century Modern look.

wood flooring in a mid century modern living space

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Mid-Century Modern has become a popular choice for modern homeowners and new buyers in today’s market! Browse through your Instagram feeds, and you’ll find dozens of gorgeous homes inspired by this time-enduring style.

The timeless aesthetic is a great way to add personality to your home, even if you’re pushing for a more contemporary feel for your space, as Mid-Century Modern goes well with today’s modern interiors.

Initially intended for small to medium homes, Mid-Century Modern is perfect for light-starved interiors who want to add lively air in style.

What Is a Mid-Century Modern Home?

Taking cues from the Bauhaus and international styles, Mid-Century Modern has clean lines, retro vibes, and a mix of manmade and organic materials.

With these features, no wonder it goes well with today’s contemporary styles.

Colorful interior with archs, sofa, armchairs, terrazzo floor and plants. 3d render illustration mock up

The style offers colored resin and wood furniture with smooth shapes and with tapered legs in wood or powdered metal. The décor is simple with organic influences and in bold colors. 

Mid-Century Modern Style is commonly mistaken with its predecessor Mid-Century Style, where there’s a world of difference between the two. Mid-Century Modern (MCM) is a design movement popular in the mid-1940s, just after WWII, that spanned until the 1960s.

North America during this period enjoyed a booming economy where young families would purchase and furnish their first homes, mostly in the suburbs. They wanted something modern and new, reflecting the optimistic outlook after the War. 

The iconic furniture pieces were born, from designers such as Charles and Ray Eames, Le Corbusier, Harry Bertoia, George Nelson, and Arne Jacobsen.

What is Mid-Century Modern Flooring?

Mid-Century Modern Flooring features warmer tones with light hues and simple geometric patterns.

So, expect more on smooth hardwood graining, large vinyl tiles, natural stone, and concrete floors.

Mid-Century Modern Flooring:

  • Warm and light colors
  • Simple and large geometric patterns
  • Smooth wood graining

In Florida homes, hardwood flooring is not recommended, but there is still a workaround if you want the look. Find out the flooring material that’s recommended instead.

What are the Mid-Century Flooring Ideas?

1) Terrazzo Flooring

Customizable and durable, the Terrazzo flooring is the perfect Mid-Century Flooring if you want to add organic or geometric patterns with a contemporary feel.

Terrazzo floors are generally used in commercial projects due to their toughness and ease of maintenance.

The composite flooring is made from a mixture of aggregate chips such as stone, glass, marble, or concrete then is poured with cementitious binders, polymeric, or a combination of the two. This leaves a smooth glass-like finish where the different aggregate chips are visible.

2) Travertine Flooring

The warm and fine graining of travertine tiles makes a great flooring option for your Mid-Century Modern home.

outdoor spaces with travertine used to create outdoor fireplace

To achieve this, use larger tile sizes depending on your room’s dimensions, but preferably 16” x 16”, 18” x 18”, or 24” x 24”. The pattern should be in stock-bond or checker bond to have a modern and minimalistic layout.

3) Cork Flooring 

Aside from its excellent insulation and thermal properties (which means you can walk on it barefoot although the year), cork floors are typical during the boom of Eichler homes during the American post-war. Eichler homes is a distinctive Mid-century modern residential style characterized by its light-filled spaces and low flat roofs.

Today, you get a variety of cork flooring finishes, from natural cork look to simulated stone or tile look that you can mix or match to suit your interior style.

4) White Wash Vinyl Plank Flooring

If you love the look of wood but want a moisture-resistant and inexpensive material for your Mid-century Modern floor, the whitewash vinyl plank flooring is your best option. They usually come in 36” x 6” sizes just like your typical hardwood floors.

The faux wood in whitewash color can make a room look brighter and a gorgeous backdrop for your more colorful Mid-century inspired furniture and décor.

wood plank flooring

5) Stained Concrete

Like terrazzo flooring, stained concrete can be a versatile option especially if you want a more customized design on your Mid-century modern flooring. It can simulate the look of many other flooring materials such as cork but with more durability and strength.

Stained concrete is faster to install and requires minimal maintenance compared to most flooring materials. It’s a cool flooring especially suitable to warm locations.

6) Knotty Pine Wood Floors

An original flooring for many Mid-Century Modern homes, except for Eichler residences, the Knotty Pine Wood Floors is an excellent choice if you want the warm organic look to go with your white-washed walls.

Look for Knotty Pine Luxury Vinyl if you don’t want to deal with the downsides of hardwood floors. The vinyl version does not expand or contract and you won’t have a problem installing it over concrete or terrazzo flooring.

What kind of flooring should you have in a mid-century modern kitchen?

VCT or Vinyl Composite Tiles is probably your best option for mid-century modern flooring for your kitchen as it performs well with damp and wet areas. It is inexpensive and durable, resembling the Terrazzo look and other simulated floor finishes.

There are two types of VCT, namely the SVT (Solid Vinyl Tile), where the design is imprinted and finished with a protective layer, and the LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile), which usually simulates the look of wood or stone.

What tile pattern is best for the midcentury modern floor?

Tile patterns in Mid-Century Modern design include a variety of simple geometric patterns influenced by the retro look of the period.

Squares, triangles, hexagons, or circles are common shapes combined to create a modular arrangement with polychromatic colors. Ceramic tile is a great option!

Many modern homes in Florida have a Mid-Century modern interior design. Follow us on Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration!

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