15 Best Bike Trails in Florida You’ll Love to Explore

One of the pros of living in Florida is the outdoor recreational activities. There are numerous bike trails to explore in Florida, and we’re sharing the best bike trails in Florida with you here! Skip ahead and check out the best bike trails in North Florida, Central Florida, and South Florida.

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Exploring these bike paths is a fantastic opportunity for bike lovers and enthusiasts. It keeps your mind and body fresh and energized while you ride through the scenic trails!

Outdoor cycling is the perfect way to cool off some steam, have a break from your tough life, and the best part, explore new places in your community.

The Best Bike Trails in Florida

Here, we will talk about the most famous and great trails in Florida for bicycle and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Most of these trails will work for all skill levels, and some of these locations offer miles of trails for you to enjoy!

Scenic Trails in North Florida

North Florida covers the Panhandle and the Jacksonville area.

1. St. Marks Historic Railroad State Trail in Tallahassee

Get your bike ready to explore Florida along the way of twenty miles of paved pathway. The soft and rocky bike trail links the capital city to St. Marks directly on the coast.

The bikers riding through the track have easy access to Munson Hills and the Twilight trail system. You can ride away off ­road smoothly on this trail and enjoy the nature and clear water along the way.

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2. Gainesville Hawthorne State Trail

16 miles of paved bike trail with plenty of shade allows you to explore Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park. It’s very scenic with lots of trees, curved paths, and overlooks of the wildlife.

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Scenic Trails in Central Florida

3. Orlando Wetlands Loop Trail

Best way to explore the Orlando Wetlands Park! Bikers have been known to see plenty of alligators and other wildlife.

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4. West Orange Trail in Winter Garden

The West Orange Trail is bikers favorite, and it features 22 miles. This bike trail is an up and down of rolling hills and scenic views of rural and urban areas along the way.

You can start and end your bike ride in downtown Winter Garden on Plant Street.

It is located northwest of downtown Orlando at a 15­minutes ride. The bike trail features a concrete, asphalt, dirt, and wood chips­covered biking surface.

Bike through tree­lined Oakland before you head to downtown Winter Garden.

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5. Cross Seminole Bike Trail in Orlando

The trail is stretched 23 miles from Oviedo to Longwood. If you want to ride in the best part of the bike trail, it will be between Big Tree Park East to State Road 434.

This bike trail’s part gives you a ride along the undeveloped area you will witness while riding through Soldiers Creek.

Further along the way, you will also see the south part of State Road 434.

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6. Van Fleet State Trail in Orlando

This 29-mile bike trail goes through the Green Swamp and a lot of undeveloped land in Central Florida. It used to be railroad tracks and converted into the beautiful trail you can enjoy today.

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7. North Anclote River Nature Park in Tarpon Springs

This is an excellent place to bike if you’re in Tarpon Springs. The trail takes you along the river and is suitable for mountain biking, walking, or jogging.

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8. Withlacoochee State Trail in Citrus, Hernando and Pasco Counties

Located within the Withlacoochee State Forest, the Withlacoochee State Trail is a paved trail in Central Florida that’s 46 miles long! It follows along the Withlacoochee River and covers three counties.

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9. East Central Regional Rail Trail

The final leg of this trail was just completed in 2021! The entire trail is more than 50 miles, so to say that there are miles of trails to enjoy is an understatement. There are access points in Enterprise, Edgewater, and Titusville.

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10. Fred Marquis Pinellas Trail

If you’re okay with traveling along a heavy-trafficked trail, the Fred Marquis Pinellas Trail is worth it because it’s so close to the Gulf of Mexico.

The entire trail takes you through Tarpon Springs, plus the small towns of Palm Harbor, Dunedin, Belleair, Clearwater, Largo, Seminole, South Pasadena, and Gulfport. The last part of the trail is in St. Petersburg.

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Scenic Trails in South Florida

11. Virginia Key Mountain Bike Trail in Miami

The Virginia Key Mountain trail is your next bike trail to explore Florida further by riding bikes. Mountain bikers love this one! This trail is located in Miami in South Florida and was built by bike riding enthusiasts of the Virginia Key Bike Club.

Moreover, this bike trail has single tracks for all bike riders (newbies, intermediate level bikes, and professional bikers), making it an ideal concrete and rocky trail for riders.

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12. The Legacy Trail in Sarasota

You will love this bike trail as it gives you the perfect view in the end. The trail runs between southern Sarasota and Venice town, passing through the Oscar Scherer State Park. The beautiful, breezy bike trail is nearly twenty miles long, completely relaxing your mind and body.

The bike trail stops at Caspersen Park in Venice, home to one of the most excellent beaches you will find there. After your bike ride ends, sit there and spend some time on the beach. Enjoy the fresh breeze of the cool water or dip your feet in it.

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13. Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail

Can you bike the Florida Keys? Absolutely!

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14. The Lake Trail in Palm Beach

A beautiful ride along the Intracoastal Waterway! You can see boats on the water and plenty of palm trees. This also works as a great walking trail if you want to do plenty of people-watching!

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15. Riverbend Park in Jupiter

The Riverbend Park has several bike trails that allow you to see the wildlife. The park offers a lot, like fishing, canoeing, and kayaking.

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