19 Fun Things to do in Clearwater Beach, Florida

Imagine yourself strolling along miles of pristine white sand beaches and soaking up the warm sun, while the gentle waves of the Gulf of Mexico lap at your feet.

Welcome to Clearwater, Florida, a destination known for its stunning beaches, vibrant parks, and abundant marine wildlife.

This beautiful city on the West Coast offers countless activities and attractions to make your visit unforgettable!

Girls walking on the beach on summer vacation. Beach chairs and parasols on beautiful white sand in the background
Gulf of Mexico, Clearwater Beach, Florida

Clearwater Beach Attractions

Clearwater Beach is a popular destination in Florida, offering you a wide range of attractions and activities to enjoy, while soaking up the sun on the pristine white sand beaches.

Piere 60 boardwalk main entrance

1) Pier 60

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Pier 60, a unique fishing pier and recreational park that stretches over 1,080 feet into the Gulf of Mexico. During the day, try your hand at fishing or enjoy the stunning views of the crystal-clear waters.

As the sun sets, the pier comes alive with the popular Sunsets at Pier 60 event that features street performers, artists, and live music to accompany the breathtaking sunset views.

Clearwater Beach with beautiful white sand

2) Beach Walk

Take a leisurely stroll along the Beach Walk, a winding promenade that offers picturesque views of the white sand beaches and azure waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The beautifully landscaped walkway is lined with palm trees, making it an ideal place to relax or go for a peaceful jog.

You’ll also find many shops, cafes, and restaurants to enjoy as you explore the area.

Sand Sculptures at Pier 60 Sugar Sand Festival

3) Sugar Sand Festival

Experience the incredible art of sand sculpting at the annual Sugar Sand Festival. This 10-day event features a sprawling 21,000-square-foot walk-through exhibit, showcasing impressive sand sculptures crafted by talented artists from around the globe.

During the event, you can also participate in sand sculpting classes, watch live entertainment, and catch nightly fireworks displays over the Gulf of Mexico.

Nature and Parks in Clearwater, Florida

When visiting Clearwater, Florida, you can’t miss out on the beautiful parks and nature attractions available in the area. You will find stunning beaches, diverse wildlife, and plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy.

4) Sand Key Park

Sand Key Park, located right over the bridge from Clearwater, offers you a beautiful nature park with walking trails, beach access, and a playground for kids. While exploring the park, keep an eye out for birds, manatees, and other wildlife that call the area home.

You can also enjoy a relaxing day at the beach, or try your hand at fishing from the park’s pier.

Moccasin Lake Nature Park, wooden bridges and pathways park trail

5) Moccasin Lake Nature Park

Moccasin Lake Nature Park is a wonderful place for you to immerse yourself in nature. This park features ponds, creeks, and plenty of wildlife for you to observe. You can also take part in interested events that are hosted at the park from time to time.

Bring your camera and capture some of the stunning scenery and native wildlife like bald eagles, pelicans, and more.

6) Honeymoon Island State Park

Honeymoon Island State Park, a short drive north of downtown Clearwater Beach, offers over 4 miles of beaches and a 3-mile-long nature trail. As you explore the park, you will have the opportunity to spot various wildlife species like stingrays, sharks, and a variety of birds.

Surrounded by the beauty of Tampa Bay, this park provides ample opportunities for fishing, kayaking, or simply soaking in the natural wonders around you.

7) Caladesi Island State Park

For a more secluded experience, head to Caladesi Island State Park, accessible by ferry from nearby Dunedin. You will find pristine beaches, nature trails, and opportunities to spot manatees and other marine life here. Enjoy a unique day trip exploring the park, and don’t forget to check out the park’s paddling trail around the mangroves.

With so many amazing parks and nature attractions to explore in Clearwater and nearby Tampa and St. Petersburg, you’ll have plenty of free and exciting outdoor activities to enjoy during your visit. Discover the beauty of Florida’s wildlife and enjoy some quality time in the great outdoors!

Marine Life Experiences

Clearwater, Florida, offers you and your family many exciting marine life experiences. From educational visits to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium to thrilling dolphin-watching adventures, there is something for everyone here.

Clearwater Marine Aquarium in Clearwater

8) Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Delve into the fascinating world of marine life at the renowned Clearwater Marine Aquarium. Home to a variety of marine animals, including dolphins, otters, and turtles, you can expect an enriching and educational visit.

  • Get up close and personal with beautiful creatures at the kid-friendly touch tanks
  • Participate in hands-on Animal Care Experiences, where you’ll learn how the aquarium team feeds and interacts with the resident animals
  • Take part in unique activities like building a salad for a sea turtle or enjoying a VIP bottlenose dolphin experience

Each activity also includes a photo opportunity, so you can cherish the memories made at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium forever.

Dolphin sighting in Clearwater Beach, Florida

9) Dolphin Watching

A dolphin-watching trip is a must if you’re seeking excitement and adventure. Clearwater offers various dolphin-watching experiences that take you out into the beautiful intracoastal waters.

  • Sea Life Safari – Join a 90-minute guided tour aboard the Sea Life Safari boat for an unforgettable experience, where you’ll have the opportunity to witness playful dolphins swimming in their natural habitat alongside other marine creatures.
  • Dolphin Encounter Cruise – Enjoy a relaxing cruise on the waters of Clearwater as you search for dolphins frolicking in the waves. Trained naturalists will be onboard to share fascinating facts and educational insights about these marvelous mammals.

Immerse yourself in the marvelous world of marine life with unforgettable experiences at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium and dolphin-watching adventures in Clearwater, Florida.

Arts and Entertainment

Clearwater, Florida, offers a vibrant arts and entertainment scene you won’t miss. Whether you’re a fan of theater, music, or unique events, this city has something for everyone.

10) Ruth Eckerd Hall

Get ready to be amazed by the diverse performances at Ruth Eckerd Hall. This premier performing arts center brings top-quality theater productions, concerts, and comedic acts right to your doorstep. Ruth Eckerd Hall is the perfect venue for a memorable night out, from rock concerts to Broadway shows.

  • Top-notch theater productions
  • Concerts featuring both local and international artists
  • Diverse events from comedy shows to ballet performances

11) Cleveland Street District

Explore the vibrant Cleveland Street District and immerse yourself in the heart of Clearwater’s arts and entertainment scene. Cleveland Street is the perfect spot for a fun night out with a mix of trendy restaurants, art galleries, and unique shops.

Don’t forget to check out the calendar for special events that are hosted in the district throughout the year.

12) Capitol Theatre

Step into the historical Capitol Theatre, a charming and intimate venue showcasing a variety of live performances. You can catch independent films, live music events, or even comedians, all within its enchanting walls. The restored architecture and warm atmosphere make the Capitol Theatre an unforgettable experience.

With so many options for entertainment in Clearwater, you’ll never run out of things to do. The city’s rich cultural offerings and stunning venues guarantee a truly unforgettable experience, so don’t miss out on these exciting opportunities!

Outdoor Activities

Clearwater, Florida offers a bustling paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. From its white sand beaches to an array of activities, you’ll find endless opportunities for adventure and relaxation. Experience the beauty of Clearwater’s nature and wildlife through its various outdoor activities.

13) Fishing Activities

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a beginner, there are plenty of fishing spots for you to cast your line.

Head to Tarpon Springs for some fantastic deep-sea fishing or consider a chartered boat trip to reel in your catch of the day. You can also try your hand at pier fishing for a more laid-back experience.

14) Biking and Hiking Trails

Take advantage of the city’s extensive network of biking and hiking trails to explore the beautiful surroundings. The Marquis Pinellas Trail is a must-try for avid cyclists, stretching over 45 miles and offering stunning views.

For a more relaxed ride, embark on a scavenger hunt through the city’s parks and trails. If hiking is your preference, lace up your boots and trek through scenic nature preserves that boast a variety of flora and fauna.

15) Water Sports

Clearwater’s pristine waters invite you to indulge in a variety of water sports. Sign up for a thrilling snorkeling expedition or rent paddleboards and kayaks to explore the coastline with a more leisurely pace.

For adrenaline junkies, jet skiing and parasailing are fantastic options to experience the excitement of gliding across the water.

16) Enterprise Dog Park

Bring your furry best friend to the Enterprise Dog Park, where both of you can enjoy a refreshing dose of outdoor fun. This expansive park offers separate areas for large and small dogs, ensuring a safe and enjoyable time for all.

Your canine companion will appreciate the chance to stretch their legs, meet new friends, and create lasting memories with you in the beautiful outdoors of Clearwater.

Dining and Nightlife

Get ready to indulge in some of the best dining and nightlife experiences Clearwater, Florida has to offer! In this section, you’ll find some fantastic recommendations for restaurants, tiki boat cruises, and bars that come alive after sunset.

17) Eat an Amazing Meal

Discover a variety of culinary delights waiting for you in Clearwater. Whether you enjoy seafood or international cuisine, there’s something for everyone.

18) Tiki Boat Cruise

If you’re looking for a unique experience on the water, consider a fun-filled Tiki Boat Cruise. Enjoy tasty drinks, a lively atmosphere, and beautiful views of Clearwater’s coastline as you bask in the sun or dance under the stars.

19) Bars and Nightlife

Get ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant nightlife scene! Check out these hotspots for a memorable night out.

  • Amorama Latin Night Club: This hidden gem offers an exciting Latin music and dance experience. Located at 13501 Icot Blvd Suite 108, Clearwater.
  • WAVE at Shepard’s Beach Resort: Party on the beach at this popular resort, offering live music and refreshing drinks.
  • Blur Nightclub: Located in nearby Dunedin, this dance club features a lively atmosphere, outdoor eating, and a great music selection.
  • Sunset Lounge: Enjoy this local bar’s cozy seating, affordable drinks, and a laid-back atmosphere.

Whether you’re a foodie, a partygoer, or simply looking for a good time, the dining and nightlife options in Clearwater, Florida won’t disappoint. Enjoy, and make lasting memories in this beautiful coastal city!

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