Pros and Cons of Living in Orlando, Florida

Looking to move to the sunshine state? In this article, learn more about advantages and disadvantages of living in Florida, especially Orlando and the central Florida region.

Orlando is a large metropolitan area with a population of over 2.5 million people in Orange County, Florida. It is a major hub for tourism, events, and conventions. In fact, over 75 million people visited the Orlando area in 2018.

Theme parks like While Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando are two of the biggest reasons why Orlando is a tourist destination.

Orlando also has cultural sites of significance and is home to the University of Central Florida which has the largest university campus in the United States. It’s certainly a great place to live because of all the variety!

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The advantages and disadvantages of living in Florida

Here is an overview of the pros and cons with more details below:

  • Diverse and growing economy
  • Centrally located near several major cities and.sandy beaches
  • Plenty of sunshine, warm weather, and recreation
  • Tax advantages like no state income tax
  • Extreme weather like tropical storms and thunderstorms
  • Urban sprawl leading to longer commutes and crowded businesses
  • Reptiles and creepy insects may end up in your backyard or your home

Orlando is a center of business and technology in the center of the Florida peninsula. As an ambitious professional, you will be able to build on your business and professional success in Orlando, while also enjoying a great quality of life at a reasonable cost of living.

So is this a place you would like to live? Are you thinking about relocating and wondering if retirees and tourists are the only people who come here?

Here are some key advantages and disadvantages of living in Orlando. Let’s go over the list of the pros first!

What are the benefits of moving to Florida?

Orlando has a diverse, growing economy

Tourism is a major contributor to the local economy but so are the event and conventions industries. The film, television, and entertainment industries are also big players.

But beyond this, Orlando is known for being a business and an industrial hub which has in recent years been deserving of the label “high-tech”.

There is a reason that educated professionals are moving to Orlando. The job market here is very promising!

You are centrally located

Orlando is located in the center of the Florida peninsula and because of this central location, is home to one of the busiest airports in the United States, Orlando International Airport.

Getting to and from Orlando, wherever you are in the US or the world is never a problem.

There are also plenty of beaches within driving distance of Orlando so you can enjoy a day trip during your time off from work.

Here are a few cities that you can visit: St. Augustine, St. Petersburg, Tampa, and Fort Lauderdale. The furthest drive is Key West and the Florida Keys which is about 6 hours.

And don’t forget about the best beaches to visit within a few hours drive of Orlando: Daytona Beach, West Palm Beach, and St. Pete Beach.

Plenty of sunshine, warm weather, and recreation

This could describe Florida generally, but Orlando is a city that also delivers! Golf is a very popular sport, and numerous golf courses can be found in the City.

Orlando has several parks and lakes that are great for relaxing, exercise, and adventure. There is plenty of opportunity to enjoy water sports if you are interested in that!

The average temperature in Florida ranges from 60 degrees F in the winter months and 90 degrees F in the summer months.

Tax advantages

Florida has no state income tax, a very nice perk when you’re looking at your paychecks! Florida has no state income tax, a very nice perk when you’re looking at your paychecks!

Property taxes are also lower than other states; in Florida, the average property tax rate is 0.98%.

curb appeal with beautiful landscaping in front of a Florida home in Orlando

In addition to this, Florida has repealed estate taxes and investment taxes on intangible assets like stocks and bonds.

This is not bad when you consider that Orlando has a lower cost of living at -0.8% less than the national average.

What are the disadvantages of living in Florida?

On the flip side, there are a few cons to living in Central Florida.

Extreme weather

Along with all the good weather days, Orlando is at risk of extreme weather conditions. With dry conditions that can last from October through May, there is a risk of wildfires.

There is also a risk during hurricane season because of the tropical storms and hurricanes. The risk in Orlando is lower than in South Florida and other coastal regions during every annual hurricane season.

It’s a good idea to look into insurance coverage for storm damage.

Finally, with humidity and warm weather, comes the risk of thunderstorms. It would be a huge bummer if your air conditioner happen to break down!

Urban sprawl

With its economic success, Orlando does exhibit some of the downsides of a large city. Economic growth has caused rapid population growth, and things can seem even more crowded when you take into account the large numbers of tourists and visitors to the area.

You’ll want to consider where your preferred employers are located and where you want to live so that you can reduce your commute.

outdoor swimming pool in Florida with a lake in the background

Reptiles and Insects

Pesticides are sprayed everywhere to keep mosquitos under control, but if you live in Florida full time, you would think that all the pesticides in the world will not make a difference. That is why you see many outdoor pools inside of screened-in enclosures!

outdoor public swimming pool in Orlando, Florida

While it is rare to encounter alligators and snakes in Orlando neighborhoods, you do need to remain aware of their presence, especially if you have young children or pets. Alligators are not generally aggressive toward humans but they may mistake a small child or small dog for food.

What do you think about the advantages and disadvantages of living in Florida?

Where to Live in Central Florida

There are a lot of people looking to move to Florida right now. If you’re interested in moving to Orlando, here are a few neighborhoods to pay attention to: Winter Garden, Windermere, Ocoee and Lake Nona.

Want to learn more about the best places to live around the city? Check out this neighborhood guide on all the Orlando suburbs!

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