20 Beautiful Entryway Lighting Ideas

Brighten up your home with a beautiful entryway chandelier! These elegant light fixtures are the perfect way to add a touch of class and style to any space, making it unique and memorable.

Whether you’re looking for a classic crystal chandelier or modern geometric patterns, we have some great entryway chandelier ideas to share.

A foyer chandelier like this one can make a bold statement in an entryway with high ceilings.

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Key Ideas to Consider

If you want to choose an entryway chandelier like a pro, consider some important things.

Luckily a chandelier can be used in the foyer, as long as the chandelier is the appropriate size for the space and the lightbulb emits enough light.

In addition, there are solutions and alternatives to chandeliers to brighten up the room.

In addition, if you have a small entryway, it is still important to consider the amount of light you have. Smaller entries tend to have less light.

Yet, with just some minor additions, you can brighten up the entrance and bring a fresh vibe into your home.

However, if your design style is more modern and minimal, you can consider other light fixtures, such as scone lighting, flush mounts, pendant lights, and more.

Modern entryway designs include a variety of lighting fixtures, different paint colors, and geometric patterns. This entryway includes a large round mirror and console table which adds character to this narrow highway.

Size and Scale

When choosing an entryway chandelier, size and scale are important factors. In addition, the chandelier should be in proportion to the space it will be hung in.

For example, a large entryway with a statement-making crystal chandelier would look best, while a small space would be better suited for a delicate design.


Lighting is an important design element and should be considered when decorating the foyer.

The kind of light placed in the entryway varies depending on the amount of natural light that is coming into the home.

For example, if you have a glass front door and large windows, the lighting from the chandelier can be softer.

There are even chandeliers with minimal light bulbs that you can use if you prefer to have the chandelier as a decorating piece.

However, if functionality is important to you, having a chandelier with enough light can be beneficial to brighten up the space.

If you include a chandelier with other lighting fixtures to add more light, consider placing recessed lighting. As a general guideline, the overhead light is generally necessary every 8 feet.


As a professional design rule of thumb, hanging lights and chandeliers should not be closer than 7 feet from the floor. Therefore, you can have a hanging lamp if you have high ceilings.

However, if you have a lower ceiling, you may want to use a smaller fixture that is flush or semi-flush to the ceiling.

Do you want to see more design inspiration for your home? Take a look at these beautiful ceiling design ideas as well as modern lighting fixtures for your kitchen island, dining room, and bedroom.

Helpful Tips to Brighten Up Smaller Entryways

If the amount of light inside your entryway is a concern, there are a few things you can do to brighten up the space.

First, using a mirror can help reflect light from other light sources. Mirrors are a great way to make any room look bigger and brighter.

In addition, you can change your front door to a glass door or open up a window near the foyer.

If changing something like this isn’t an option, you can also add recessed lighting and semi-flush mounts, as shared in a later section.

Types of Chandeliers

There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of designs available to choose from. But, thanks to the large diversity, you will surely find the ideal chandelier for your entryway.

Traditional Chandeliers

A lot can be said about traditional chandeliers since they are often ornate and intricate, with various hanging crystals and lights. They are typically made from metal, glass, or crystal materials.

However, crystal chandeliers are amongst the most popular traditional chandeliers and are still widely used today.

Traditional chandeliers are often used as a focal point in an entryway, drawing the eye up to the beauty of the light fixture.

They can also be used in other home areas, such as a dining room or living room.

Modern Chandeliers

Modern chandeliers are a beautiful addition to any entryway. They come in various styles and can be customized to fit your specific space.

Some common modern chandeliers are geometric in design or contemporary chandeliers with straight lines.

Alternative Light Fixtures

Enclosed entryways tend to be dark. If you do not have sufficient light in the foyer, adding alternative light fixtures can provide a beautiful look and feel.

With so many options, you can find spectacular light fixtures that fit beautifully with your space. Here are some hallway lighting ideas you can explore.

Flush or Semi-Flush Mounts

If you have a low ceiling and small entryway, adding a decorative flush or semi-flush light is great.  These ceiling lights are available in various styles to fit any home decor.

Pendant Lights

If you have a high ceiling and small entryway, pendant lights are a beautiful way to decorate your entrance. Many pendant lights can be hung individually or together for a spectacular design.

Pendant lights are a popular choice and come in various styles, sizes, and materials, so you will find one that compliments your foyer’s decor. In addition, pendants can be hung at different heights to create an elegant and functional lighting plan.

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are a great way to add light and style to the foyer. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them perfect for any space. Floor lamps can also be used to create an inviting entryway. By using a floor lamp with a tall, slender base, you can make the space feel larger. A slim lamp will also help to create a more cohesive look in your entryway.

Scone Lighting

Wall sconces are a popular choice for lighting in the foyer, as they provide both task and ambient light.

When choosing a sconce for your foyer, be sure to choose one that is both stylish and functional. There are many different styles of sconces to choose from, so you are sure to find one that suits your taste.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is the perfect addition or alternative to chandeliers. If you need more illumination, adding overhead lighting can help brighten up the entryway discretely and elegantly.

You can also have a decorative flush mount to the recessed lighting for additional decore.

Track Lighting

For a sleek and modern look, track lighting is an attractive choice. Track lighting can be hung from the ceiling and may have decorative, elegant, and functional designs.

Popular Chandelier Designs

Hundreds of designs blend and incorporate materials and design elements to make them unique. In this section, we will cover our top designs.

Transitional Modern LED Chandelier

This chandelier incorporates traditional design and contemporary elements.

As a result, this design fits several decorating styles, including a farmhouse, boho, modern, or transitional design.

Modern Black Gold Chandelier

This modern pendant chandelier is unique and stylish. It blends elegance with a vintage style and is perfect for modern or farmhouse decor.

Black Beaded Chandelier

The wood bead chandelier is a beautiful fixture that will add a touch of brightness and elegance to your space. It’s made from a metal frame with strands of hand-painted black wood beads, which provide an antique mottled gold finish.

Prismatic Crystal Hanging Chandelier

This large chandelier is designed with black and gold metal and crystals. With this chandelier, your entryway will surely be eye-catching and memorable.

Sputnik Chandeliers

This mid-century modern chandelier is made of high-quality metal with a brilliant gold finish that will bring life to your entryway. It is perfect if you want to make a statement. 

Santana Clustered Pendant Lighting

This chandelier will wow your guests if you’re just looking for a statement piece. The tubes do contain light and will provide some illumination into the space.

However, having sufficient natural light and/or complementary lighting is preferred if you choose this piece.

Firework Crystal Chandelier

This firework chandelier is a great addition to a modern or glam-style home for an elegant look. This fixture is made of metal, crystal, and string and feels luxurious.

Popular Light Fixtures

You can use light fixtures as alternatives or additions to bring style and light into the foyer. Here are some of our favorite choices.

Industrial Pendant Light Fixture 

Pendant light fixtures are a beautiful way to add decore and functionality into the space. This Industrial Pendant Light Fixture is a beautiful addition to a contemporary entryway.

Impala Traditional Scone Light

Scones are the ideal way to light a hallway. You can place this right by the door, or if you have a long hallway, you can place several along with the foyer.

Progress Lighting Semi-Flush Convertible

This semi-flush mount is a beautiful addition to a hallway with an 8-foot ceiling. It features an open cage frame and can complement a farmhouse or modern organic home.

Matte Black Mini Pendant

For a minimal and elegant touch, this Matte Black Mini Pendant is a perfect addition to any small space that is looking to add design and functionality.

Mid-Century Modern Wall Sconce

These minimalist modern scones are perfect for the foyer’s hallway. The design is elegant and chic.

Flush-Mount Swag Lighting

This light can be hung lower than or flush to the ceiling. You can get one individual light or an arrangement of three if you have the space. It’s perfect if you’d like to see a warm glow in your entryway.

Modern Geometric Glass Suspension Lamp

For a clean, modern, and stylish look, this pendant light is a beautiful addition to an entryway that has supplemental lighting.


Entryway chandeliers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. You can choose a design that is decorative, elegant, and functional for your space.

Popular chandelier designs include transitional modern LED chandeliers, modern black gold chandeliers, black beaded chandeliers, and prismatic crystal hanging chandeliers.

If you have a large foyer, you can play around with the types of light you choose

If you are looking for an alternative to a chandelier, or additional entryway lights, pendant light fixtures, sconce lights, and semi-flush mounts are all popular choices. When selecting a style for your home, keep in mind the overall design aesthetic of your space.

Choose a chandelier or light fixture that will compliment your entryway and make it feel warm and inviting. Be sure to save this article so you can easily access these entryway chandelier ideas!

Do you like any of these entryway lighting ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

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