13 Easy Upgrades To Make Your Home More Comfortable

Every spring, people love to spruce up their homes with new decor and easy updates to make their home feel new and inviting. Here are 13 ways to refresh your home that are budget-friendly and stylish.

Creating a home that you love doesn’t have to cost a fortune or a lot of time. As a real estate agent, I help my clients make their dream homes a reality with interior design tips. It’s amazing how a new element to the space can transform your home.

Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Home

If you’re no longer happy with how your home looks, you can give it a refresh by adding new pieces to the space. Many of the tips below are easy to do and budget-friendly.

1) Declutter your home first

The first thing you should always do is declutter. We tend to collect lots of knickknacks and extra items over the years. When you remove the extras, you can really see the potential in each space of your home.

Modern Home with couch and two armchairs. Throw pillows are blue to add color.

Remove things you hate from the rooms that you use the most. Either move them to another room that you aren’t touching for the moment or purge the items you’re completely done with.

We will need some of the items you did not throw away for the “refresh” in other spaces.

For the items you wish to keep, it’s highly recommended that you check out The Container Store, which has a ton of containers and baskets for you to organize your kitchen and bathrooms. Cabinet organizers, pantry organizers, and under sink organizers are a great place to start.

2) Purchase a new couch and rug

If you’re focused on your living room, I typically recommend starting with the sofa and rug, as they are the focal point of the room. Couches can lose their appeal for various reasons, so it’s okay if you feel the need to replace a couch you purchased not that long ago.

Take a look at the living room sets and top-rated rugs at Wayfair to find a style that you love!

neutral colors in a living room with wallpaper on one of the walls

3) Replace your throw pillows

If you’re against replacing the sofa and rug, then another good option is to replace the throw pillows, or add them if you’ve never purchased any.

Minimalist Warm Pillows and texture in a living room with kitchen in background

Taking a pillow from one room to another is a great way to repurpose them in a different space. Buy new pillows if you want a new look entirely.

Industrial Modern Design of an open floor concept with couch in living room and kitchen with island in the background

You can add texture or prints or go monochromatic. It all depends on your personal style.

4) Redecorate your coffee table or side tables

Coffee table styling can work miracles! It can be as simple as two books, a small plant, and a candle.

neutral style living room in Sanford, Florida

Symmetry is important that we are balancing the room and making it all flow together.

stylish living room with modern design with textured coffee table and large houseplant

Plus you need those candles to create an aroma that engages multiple senses.

5) Apply a new coat of paint on the walls

New paint colors can work wonders in each space. You don’t have to necessarily paint all the walls in each room. You can get really creative with accent walls!

modern living room with white couches and dark blue throw pillows and a high ceiling

6) Install new lighting fixtures

When I suggest lighting fixtures, many of my clients are intimidated by it because adding new lighting seems difficult to do. In reality, they’re fairly easy to install!

throw blanket is placed on ottoman with dining room in background
modern master bedroom with luxury style furniture and hanging light fixture

Take a look at some of my favorite lighting fixtures here.

7) Install and decorate wall ledges

Floating shelves are really easy to set up with your own drill and some nails.

four white floating shelves installed on a black accent wall

They are also extremely affordable! Take a look at these ideas for floating shelves.

8) Create a gallery wall

Art decor can set the tone for your room. But if you’ve had it for a while, you may stop noticing it. So, mixing it up once in a while can give it new life.

artwork, framed picture, and plant placed in office space
an office space transformed into a craft room with large desk and bar stool chair

Are you hanging framed photos on your walls? Consider buying new frames or switching out the photos. Always show pictures of your favorite memories!

9) Update your window treatments

New blinds or curtains can make a big difference. It’s one of those elements that really complete the space and makes it feel more cozy.

front door with stylish framing and open windows

10) Decorate with houseplants

Houseplants are a really affordable and creative way to decorate your home! They’re popular because they look great, and people find enjoyment taking care of plants. Check out these tips on decorating with houseplants.

11) Create a place for relaxation

If you have room for a nook or a space near some windows, make it a space for relaxation!

spare decorated with modern bookcase and armchair

Armchairs, bookshelves, and coffee bars are some great ideas, depending on what you like.

two armchairs and wall art placed in corner of office space

Updating your bedroom can be super easy when you change a few key items.

Blue Retro Inspired Bedroom with pattern wallpaper

Take a few items or go all out with a mix of all of the items for a huge impact.

12) Purchase storage baskets for decoration

You can purchase storage baskets to help you reorganize personal items in your bathroom, kitchen, and closets.

Baskets under console tables with canvas art

Baskets are a great way to help you declutter any space and make them feel cozier.

13) Add a vibrant accent color

I recommend blue in particular because it has a calming effect, and compared to other colors, it adds an element of high design. Here are some ideas on how to add blue to your home decor.

Bottom Line

Are there ways to refresh your home that aren’t listed here? What have you tried? Let us know in the comments below!

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