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How To Decorate With Plants in a Few Easy Steps

Here are a few easy steps on how to decorate with plants plus a quick list of the best houseplants that are easy to care for. When I’m planning to design a space, I always look for the easiest ways to complete the home.

One of the easiest ways to add more life to your home is with plants!

Even the novice plant person like me can select ones that enhance lifestyle and decor while requiring minimal maintenance and costs.

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Which houseplants work well for home decor?

First things first. If you want to know how to decorate with plants, then you first need to plan a list of houseplants you’d like to purchase.

There are so many houseplants to choose from! This list focuses on easy-care, low maintenance, and affordable indoor plants. Here are a few of my favorites!

1. Dumb Cane (Dieffenbachia)

This flowering houseplant is tropical and commonly sold here in Florida! Like many houseplants, Dumb Cane will thrive in a room with bright indirect sunlight. Keep in mind that it can be toxic for pets so keep it out of reach of dogs, and possibly skip this one if you have curious cats.

Decor locations in your home

Great on a Kitchen table or a side table since it grows well in filtered light  These can be smaller and grow to medium or larger. It loves high humidity so an ideal place would be a screened-in porch. Makes it even more flexible in multiple areas or as a floor plant as displayed in the photo above.

Quick care tips: It’s easy to overwater this houseplant so don’t go overboard. Water the soil whenever the top 2 inches are completely dry. You’ll know when the plant is ready for a good watering when it was droopy leaves. Read more about Dumb Cane care here.

dumb cane houseplant placed next to table

2. Bird of Paradise (Crane Flower)

Bird of Paradise… as the name suggests, this evergreen really is a showstopper! The large green foliage is a great way to make a statement. It looks like large leaves and their stems are shooting straight out of the ground. The Crane Flower can grow tall, typically 5 or 6 feet. It may be large in size but it’s simple to care for.

Decor locations in your home

A spot with ample space since it can grow really tall. It’ll look great in a foyer or corner of your most frequented living space. Bird of Paradise requires lots of direct sunlight so ideally keep it close to a window or another spot that’ll see lots of sun. This is one exotic plant so don’t be afraid to show it off!

Quick care tips: Bird of Paradise needs about 6 hours of sunlight per day. However, if your midday sun is hot, indirect sunlight may be better. In the spring and summer months, keep the soil moist and spray the plant with mist. It loves humidity! In cooler months, you can water about once per month. Read more about Bird of Paradise care here.

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Easy Florida Snake Plant To Decorate

3. Swiss Cheese Plant (Monstera Delicious)

Did you know that Monstera Delicious is derived from Latin? Monstera means “abnormal” which is very fitting for the Swiss Cheese Plant. The holes in the leaves of this plant give it an unusual and unique appearance. It also reminds you of Swiss Cheese which is where the nickname comes from.

Decor locations in your home

Monstera Delicious makes a great floor plant. It can easily be a showstopper in any room of your home.

Quick care tips: Water about once per week. Pour the water evenly throughout the soil. This houseplant needs to be pruned more than the other houseplants. Read more about Swiss Cheese Plant care here.

leaves of monstera delicious houseplant

4. Golden Pothos (Devil’s Ivy)

Easy, easy, easy. That’s the theme here, and Golden Pothos is no different. This houseplant has heart-shaped green leaves with yellow variegation. When grown indoors, the golden pothos can easily trail 10 feet long, given the right conditions.

Decor locations in your home

Pothos would look great hanging from a book shelf. It should be placed on furniture that’s several feet off the ground to show off its long trail of beautiful leaves!

Quick care tips: Pothos should be kept in a pot with a draining hole. Allow soil to dry out completely before watering it again. This plant can grow well in any environment so don’t worry about humidity. More pothos plant care here.

golden pothos houseplant hanging off built-in bookshelf

5. Snake Plant

The snake plant is one of the easiest houseplants to care for. It’s also very versatile because it doesn’t require tons of sunlight to thrive. It also varies in size between six inches and eight feet tall. That gives you plenty of options in using this plant as decor.

Decor locations in your home

When arranging them in your home, I suggest first arrange furnishings and wall decor in the room. Last is to find open spaces that are left that would be a perfect fit for those blank spaces.

Quick care tips: Snake plants should be placed in a pot with a draining hole because the soil needs to dry out between waterings. More on snake plant care here.

snake plant in a large pot

3 Tips for Decorating with Houseplants

There are some quick tips on how to decorate with plants and a few ways you can add these plants throughout your home. I would love for you to share your ideas as well.

Purchase the supplies you’ll need ahead of time.

Before you buy any indoor plants, it’s good to have the basic gardening tools at hand when you need them. Watering can, spray bottle (for misting), soil mix, and decorative pots are the first things you should purchase.

Place your houseplants in decorative pots and planters.

This is when you can select planters that also complement your design style. Some of the pots and planters out there are truly works of art! Here are a few that are popular: Ceramic Pots, Wall Hanging Planters, and Ceramic Planter with Iron Stand.

Use a combination of various houseplants.

Give your home some harmony with a variety of houseplants. Include floor plants, hanging plants, and tabletop plants in the same space.

How To Decorate With Plants: Common Questions

Where can I buy houseplants online?

You can actually order certain houseplants directly from Amazon (free shipping for Prime members!). Many retailers like Walmart, Costco, Home Depot, and Lowe’s do online ordering which includes indoor plants. You can have them delivered or set up an in-store pickup!

Should I decorate with fake plants?

I think this is a personal choice. Some spaces may not have the most ideal natural lighting for many of the plants, but incorporating live and high-quality faux plant options can also allow the space to be nice as well.

If you are going to go the faux way just make sure to use a real moss to compliment the plant with either Reindeer Moss or Mood Moss.

Another tip for caring for Faux Plants is to just wipe them off with a clean moist towel to keep them fresh.

Home Decor Planning

Hopefully, these quick tips will help identify which houseplants will work for your home.

Check in often to learn more about home decor and design.

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