9 Best Luxury Kitchen Appliances with Superior Performance

Are you wondering if you should buy expensive appliances for your kitchen? Are they worth it?

Let’s go over the best luxury kitchen appliances and why the higher price tag may be worth the investment to complete your modern kitchen design.

The Best Luxury Kitchen Appliances

Luxury kitchen appliances are more expensive, but they are worth the investment.

They offer better features, like better food preservation in the refrigerators, heat distribution in the ovens, and the stovetops are more spacious for large pots. They also last longer and are made with better parts.

What appliances do luxury kitchens have?

To complete your dream kitchen, look for these type of high-end appliances:

  • Stainless steel has been a popular choice for many years because they appliances are highly durable and require very little maintenance; They also never rust and add a bright and clean look to the kitchen design.
  • Wall ovens, which can be installed in your kitchen wall space and be separated from the cooktop
  • Gas ranges: Gas cooktops are preferred by many home cooks, and they are considered to be more energy-efficient
  • Wine storage units, which can be installed into a kitchen island for easy access

If you like to cook and entertain guests regularly, these appliances will help you enjoy your home more and increase your home’s value.

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1. Thermador

Le Creuset signature dutch oven on top of Thermador stovetop
This luxury kitchen design features a Thermador Gas Rangetop features metallic blue knobs with a Le Creuset Signature Round Dutch Oven on top.

Thermador has been a trusted name in the world of kitchen appliances for over a century. The brand’s commitment to innovation and design has made it a staple in luxury kitchens across the globe.

Known for their stylish and high-functioning appliances, Thermador has made a name for itself with its range of pro-style gas ranges, high-quality dishwashers, and innovative refrigerators.

The brand’s focus on technology is evident in its Home Connect system, which allows users to control appliances from their smartphones or tablets, providing a seamless cooking experience.

Thermador’s commitment to quality, luxury, and technology truly sets it apart in the landscape of high-end kitchen appliances.

One of the top-performing products includes the Speed Oven, offering broiling, baking and microwave all in one.

2. Dacor

An Italian-inspired kitchen with Dacor stainless steel stove top and hood, mahogany wood cabinets, and a decorative hood over the stove.

The Dacor brand is for those that love modern minimalist and clean lines, simplicity, technology and a modern cohesive look.

BUT there are other more traditional options if the contemporary ovens and cook tops are not your style.

For more creative professionals, there is a pop of color option which commands attention.

One of the superior appliances is the 30 Inch Combination Electric Wall Oven, which includes a microwave, speed oven, and self cleaning features.

They also have a variety of wall ovens that include wi-fi connectivity including 48 Inch Freestanding Professional Dual Fuel Smart Range.

3. Viking

Viking has been devoted to providing exceptional consumer experiences for over forty years.

The brand offers cutting-edge luxury appliances that are technology-oriented, in line with its counterparts.

These appliances feature a modern color scheme that draws inspiration from natural tones worldwide.

You have the opportunity to personalize your experience and select a motivational color that aligns with your style. For example, the Convection Range is available in a striking sky blue shade.

4. Sub-Zero

A beautiful white kitchen with black pendant lights hanging above granite countertops, stainless steel Sub-Zero appliances, and a marble backsplash.

With a focus on innovation, the Sub-Hero brand offers function, technology and style. All of their appliances can be built-in directly to fit within the surrounding cabinetry in your kitchen perfectly.

The stand out products from Sub-Zero include wine storage units and under-counter refrigerators.

The Sub-Zero refrigerators can last up to 20 years (according to their website) which is remarkable.

In 2000, Sub-Zero purchased Wolf, but they will sell their own appliances in their own brand name. In 2000, Sub-Zero purchased Wolf, but they will sell their own appliances in their brand name.

Wolf is known for their convection ovens, and customers do rave about the Wolf ranges including the duel fuel ranges and gas ranges.

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A renovated kitchen with white and wood cabinets, a large island, and stainless steel Zline appliances.

ZLINE is a more affordable luxury line by Wayfair. There are multiple options of kitchen packages that include kitchen ranges, range hoods, wall ovens, microwaves, gas and induction cooktops and dishwashers that will not break the bank.

They have a wide range of appliances, so you can easily create a customized kitchen that fits your needs.

6. Miele

Miele is a company that makes high-quality products that last for years.

They care about innovation and design which is easier for them to do, since they make all of their parts in their manufacturer in Germany.

Miele dishwashers, in particular, are top of the line. They last twice as long as other dishwashers.

The New York Times listed the Miele Classic Plus as one of the top 3 dishwashers in 2021.

7. Café™ Appliances

Luxury Appliances

The Café™ Appliances brand is a sub-brand of GE, offering counter depth refrigerators and designer finishes such as matte white, black stainless steel and custom panels to match your kitchen appliances perfectly.

The Café™ Smart French Door Refrigerator features a Wi-Fi connected temperature management, so you can keep track of your food freshness from anywhere.

The Café™ Smart Slide-in Range with Air Fry technology allows you to cook healthy meals quickly and easily. It has an induction cooking element that boils waterin just 90 seconds and a built-in air fryer to help you make healthier food with the same crispy results without having to use extra oil.

This range also features Wi-Fi connected temperature control for added convenience.

Café™ appliances are designed to provide your kitchen with both style and function, allowing you to create a truly unique space that fitsyour lifestyle.

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8. Bosch

Bosch Luxury Appliance

Bosch is known for their award-winning dishwashers and advanced technology features such as AquaStop Plus, InfoLight and RackMatic®.

These features help make their products some of the most efficient and reliableThe brand is also one of the leading providers of ovens, cooktops and rangehoods.

Their Bosch 800 Series Slide-in Electric Range comes with dual convection for even baking and roasting as well as European styling to give your kitchen a modern look.

9. Monogram

Monogram is the luxury appliance brand from GE Appliances. They are known for their modern design and superior craftsmanship, making them a popular choice among home cooks and chefs alike.

The Monogram Professional Hood has a 600 CFM blower and is available in wall-mount or island versions.

For added convenience, the Monogram ranges and cooktops also come with their own app to allow you to control the temperature and settings remotely from your phone.

This allows for even more precision cooking and makes creating delicious meals easier than ever.

Do luxury appliances increase home value?

Luxury appliances can increase the value of a home. Potential buyers see them as a sign of quality and care in a home’s upkeep, which may lead to higher offers. Additionally, high-end appliances can improve the appearance of a kitchen or laundry room, and therefore the overall impression of the property.

However, it’s worth noting that these appliances should be part of a larger plan for maintaining and improving a home. Other factors like location, size, and layout also significantly determine a property’s worth.

Do high-end appliances last longer?

Generally speaking, luxury kitchen appliances last longer than other brands. The Sub-Zero refrigerators can last up to 20 years! The higher-end kitchen appliances are made from superior materials and parts. They are also tested more vigorously for quality assurance, which ensures that you get the most value for your money.

Since they last longer, these luxury kitchen appliances can be considered as an investment in your home that will pay off over time.


Out of each luxury kitchen brand listed here, let us know which ones catch your eye!

They’re perfect for professional chefs as well as the home cooks who love to entertain. A luxury American kitchen doesn’t get much better than this.

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