Stunning Modern Farmhouse Home in Florida

Modern farmhouse design is one of the most popular styles in Florida homes. It’s no wonder because it’s cozy, elegant, and inviting! This article will share some spectacular modern farmhouse examples to inspire you. In addition, we will talk about important elements to consider when designing your home.

Modern Farmhouse 101

The modern farmhouse interior design style blends the traditional feel of the farm with a modern edge. Designing your home with this style evokes a sense of comfort while including a touch of simplicity. 

Here are some key aspects of modern farmhouse design:

Natural Materials and Textures

Modern farmhouse design includes a strong focus on natural materials and textures. For example, your home can have exposed wood and other materials such as brick.

In addition, natural fabrics such as cotton, wool,  and linen are used for rugs, curtains, throw blankets, pillows, and more.

While traditional farmhouse can include some dynamic patterns and bright colors, modern farmhouse uses simple patterns with clean lines and muted colors to ensure a minimalist look.

Functionality and Comfort

Another important aspect of modern farmhouse design is functionality. The goal is to create a space that is comfortable and stylish. This can be achieved by incorporating plenty of storage space: multi-purpose furniture, trunks, and shelves with baskets.

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Open Floor Plan

A modern approach to interior design includes an open floor plan.

Having an open environment provides a welcoming feeling. If you have guests over, everyone will feel more like a community while gathered in one space. In addition, you have the ability to showcase your décor more easily.

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Color Palette

Choosing the right color palette for your modern farmhouse home is very important. Traditional farmhouse uses a lot of colors. At the same time, the modern farmhouse uses a neutral color palette with pops of color.

For example, a popular approach uses white walls and ceilings, natural colors like dark brown and beige, with one or two accent colors like yellow and blue.

Clean lines

Although farmhouse uses organic shapes, modern farmhouses embrace clean lines. Nonetheless, you can still have furniture and decor with a rustic finish. However, incorporating clean lines is essential for ensuring a modern look.

For example, a modern farmhouse design can have furniture with clean lines and simple shapes.

Rustic Details

Using rustic details is typical of farmhouse-style homes. Using rustic elements provides a cozy and welcoming feeling. You can achieve this by using exposed beams or distressed wooden furniture.

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Natural Light

Lighting is super important! Having plenty of natural lighting is favorable. You can incorporate natural light with big windows and glass doors. In addition, using the proper light fixtures can go a long way.

Farmhouse Decor

There are plenty of ways to decorate a modern farmhouse home. You can use wall art, decorative lamps, accent chairs, plants, and flowers. Simply put, farmhouse decore uses rustic elements with clean lines whenever possible.

Now that we have gone over some hey elements, here are some stunning examples to inspire you!

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Modern Farmhouse Tour

You are about to journey through a spectacular modern farmhouse in Florida. This tour is perfect for finding modern farmhouse design inspiration. Check out the design details here in the interior and exterior of this Florida home.”

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One of the most popular elements of farmhouse interior designs is a welcoming front porch.  This home has a beautiful and spacious front porch, the perfect place to relax and enjoy the sunny Florida weather.

The exterior of this home is very striking. In addition, the landscaping is simple but provides curb appeal.

As you walk up to the home, you are greeted by a welcoming porch swing.

swinging bench on front porch with bushes and shrubs in front of home exterior

Throughout the interior of this home, you will see neutral colors and wood tile flooring. The flooring is a light wood that contrasts perfectly with the dark wood accents. Incorporating light floors allows for a nice airy feel. 

To the left of the entrance, you will find a hallway leading to the dining area. While on the right, you will find another dining area leading to the kitchen.

The wall art incorporates nature and farm animals. At the same time, the color scheme is light green, white, beige, and brown tones.

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tile flooring in open concept main floor with neutral and white colors throughout

Many modern homes have an open floor plan since it is more welcoming and makes the house look bigger. Here you can see that the kitchen blends in with a large dining room and a smaller area with a round dining room table.

open concept kitchen and dining room with farmhouse interior design

Farmhouse decor is pretty simple. There are a few art pieces here and there with flower vases used as centerpieces. And, of course, the pendant lighting fixtures are the final touch! As you can see, this modern farmhouse home embraces light colors by incorporating white cabinets and dark accents.

In addition, you can see a lot of furniture with natural wood and natural woven baskets for additional storage.

round table with four chairs in dining room area with farmhouse art decor hanging on wall

In addition, the modern farmhouse design favors simplicity over complex design. As you can see in the decore, the colors are neutral and range from white to black. The minimalist color scheme brings in a modern touch.

faux flowers in a vase in the center of a round table

In continuation, this staircase is one example of a contrast from dark to light.

Moreover, this beautiful farmhouse in Florida features a neutral color palette with pops of blue. The clean lines and simple shapes add to the home’s modern feel, while the rustic details, such as the exposed beams, provide a farmhouse look.

darker wood on stair case with surrounding wall and railing painted white

Natural light is important! As you can see in this photo, this modern farmhouse home uses glass doors and windows to bring in lots of natural light.

large door and windows leading out to back porch

As we make our way to the back, we see the outdoor furniture is modern and matches the theme. The wooden table and metal chairs compliment each other and provide an extension of the design you see inside.

outdoor farmhouse furniture on outdoor patio

Bottom Line

Farmhouse homes are becoming more popular, especially in Florida, because they combine a modern look with rustic charm. We have showcased some stunning examples of farmhouses in Florida and provided tips on how to decorate them. So if you’re looking for some more inspiration, chek out these other articles:

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What was your favorite part about this Florida farmhouse home tour? Let me know in the comments below!

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