How to Make an Awesome Ballerina Dance Bedroom for Girls

If you’re looking for a way to transform your girl’s ordinary bedroom into an incredible dance and bedroom that’s without major repair or painting, check our girl’s dance bedroom in 7 easy steps.

When you’re blessed to have a little princess who loves to dance, you’ll need a girl’s dance bedroom where she can comfortably practice her moves, pick her favorite costumes and explore other things she has in mind.

Whether she’s going for the pros or just starting as an enthusiast, a thoughtfully designed dance and bedroom space will surely give joy and encouragement to your child’s passion for the art.

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Before You Get Started

But where to start? I’ve made a simple list that can transform your girl’s bedroom into an awesome dance bedroom in 7 easy steps – you can even do it on the weekend.

First off, let’s make sure you’ve got the most important things lined up. 


Make sure you’ve got a safe room for your girl’s dance bedroom that doesn’t have sharp or protruding objects. For instance, remove protruding chair ears, bedposts, or window blinds.


Whatever dance genre your little girl loves, you’ll need ample space for her to move around. Make sure the space is large enough to accommodate a dancing wall and all of the room’s furnishings. You’ll want to have dedicated spaces for each function, as well as multipurpose areas.


Make sure your child gets an ample amount of ventilation which means having a window is a must. At this stage, your little one may not be doing much extreme movements like for grownups, but it is nice to know some technical info. 

The recommended temperature range is around 21°C, with a minimum of 20°C and a maximum of 26°C. The effects of high temperatures are also influenced by relative humidity. When spaces are heavily used, six to ten air changes per hour are required.

How to Create a Girls Dance Bedroom

You can design an awesome girl’s room for your daughter. The key is to plan ahead of time and create something that is tailored to her personality and interests.

little girls pink ballet skirt hanging on a hook

Don’t’ forget to let her in with the decision-making, and it’s a great way for a little Mother and daughter bonding time!

Step 1: Consider the Color Scheme 

Color and light go hand in hand to make your girl’s dance bedroom an inspiring space for your future dancer. Now the tricky part is that you need to make it a lively space, yet at the same time, it should feel a relaxed fit for a girl’s bedroom. 

The best color combination is muted pink, and accent grays to make it chic yet calm. Consider Sherwin William’s light gray and pale pink.

Together with natural light and cool LED lights, this muted combo will surely evoke a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. A sure delight for your little one as it’s a contemporary and youthful color scheme. 

My favorite Sherwin William muted pink palette: 

  • Oleander – SW 6603
  • Priscilla – SW 6575
  • In the Pink – SW 6583 

Click here for more muted pinks.

Matching light grays: 

  • Silver Strand – S2 7057
  • Gray Screen – SW 7071
  • Lattice – SW 7654

Click here for more light grays.

Step 2: Select a Wall Decal

Wall decals are one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to add some dancing vibes into your girl’s dance bedroom. The great thing about wall decals is that you can find removable/ non-permanent wall decals. So, if you’re a little girl’s grown-up and want a new wall décor, you can easily remove it without damaging the walls. 

If you don’t know where to start, a wall decal is a great source of inspiration as you can make it your focal point. Start with a single large wall decal of a ballerina or a dancing princess. You can place it above your little one’s headboard or at the largest wall space. 

If you want it simple, a silhouette with a cute or inspiring quote can automatically elevate the space. Alternatively, you can hang a poster instead, or if you’ve got a long blank wall, a series of three framed dancing angels or princesses is a great way to fill in the space. Don’t forget to give way to your wall mirror, though.

Step 3: Incorporate a Dance Barre and Wall Mirror

A dance barre is a definite add for your girl dance bedroom. 

Not sure if you need it permanent? You can get a movable dance barre. These have wheels that you can easily move around the room, but while using it should be firmly secured with a lock system and quality material. 

If your child is a little older and is going for the pros, you’ll need to secure your dance barres 15 cm to 20cm from the wall. Depending on your child’s hands, you should check if she can comfortably grab the bars. 

Before permanently screwing into the dance barre, have your little dancer try the height you’ve assigned to see if she’s comfortable with it. Or, measure the distance from her elbow to the floor when she’s standing upright and her arms are at the side and are bent at a 90-degree angle to her upper arm. Along this line, you can determine the ideal height for your child’s dance barre.

Don’t forget to consider a wall mirror where she can clearly see herself dancing. The ideal place to install your wall mirror is on the wall where you’ll be fastening your dance barre. Having the mirror just in front of her will help her see up close on her facial expression as she dances.

Be sure to choose a mirror that is safety-backed. Portable mirrors are recommended to have about 180 cm x 240 cm and on castors. You can also have corner mirrors if you have the space for her to see her movement in two directions. 

For pro or ambitious girl dance bedrooms, it is recommended to raise your mirrors 15 cm from the floor. If your mirrors are mounted, it is recommended to have them installed flush on the wall.

Step 4: Select a Dance Mat for the Floor

While you can basically throw in a carpet, the thing is, dancing requires your little one to turn and spin on a carpet which potentially causes injuries. Consider a yoga mat instead, and you’ll find colorful and plain options that you can easily place in front of your dance barre. 

Can’t get away a carpet? For whatever reason you really need a carpet, there are dance socks that your little ones can use to prevent injuries during dancing. These are socks that you wear on your shoe, so basically, they help give good traction between your shoes and the carpet. 

Step 5: Add Shelves and Clothes Rack

Add storage space for your girl’s bedroom. Floating shelves are great to maximize your floor space without any major renovations. There are a wide variety of colors and designs to choose from, but if you’re going with our pale pink and light gray combo, a white or olive-colored shelf will make the room more visually spacious. 

A relatively long clothes rack for your little dancer’s outfit is a great addition to your dance room. It is accessible, and she can easily pick her favorite dance get up without fizzling in her dresser. 

Step 6: Add Bedding and Decorative Pillows

To add that comfy feel, add beddings and decorative pillows. If you’ve got a lot going on your walls, you might consider a plain colored pillow, or if you want to add patterns to your plain walls, a patterned pillow can elevate the look. The pattern and color should primarily match your child’s preference as well as the existing color scheme you’ve picked. 

Perhaps you’d like to draw attention to other hobbies in the room or go all out with the dancing. There are endless possibilities with this one, and here are a few more for inspiration.

Step 7: Add Accents and Accessories.

Now, this is the most fun part of transforming your little girl’s dance bedroom of her dreams. From cute chandeliers to music boxes, you’ve got a lot of décor options to give that finishing touches to your room.

How about a tutu-inspired ottoman or a lovely side lamp with a ballerina shoe base?

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