Timeless Coastal Color Palettes: Perfect Paint Colors

If you love coastal interior design, then the first thing you need to consider is one of these coastal color palettes to create the look.

The coastal lifestyle is one of the most sought-after lifestyles today. The beachy, laid-back vibe has found its way into many homes worldwide. Coastal decorating style focuses on soothing colors, brighter hues, and natural materials to create a calming space that reflects this design trend.

If you’re looking for ways to incorporate this look into your own home, here are some tips for finding inspiration so you can design your space with a coastal flair.

Beach-Inspired Color Palette

Beach-inspired color palettes are a trending style that the coastal style has popularized for a beach house experience.

natural wood ceiling in a coastal master coastal bedroom design

Colors that are considered coastal colors are cold and warm grays, neutral colors, crisp whites, blues, greens, coral, and other color choices included in this article. These color palettes are key elements to this design style, and by using them, you will be able to incorporate the beachy vibe into your home. 

Common themes we see in coastal homes today are soothing shades of grays, browns, and neutrals. If you can imagine being at the beach, you will see a variety of sandy colors represented in this color palette.

The coastal color palette can be cool or warm, depending on your color choices. Blues and greens are typically cool colors, while warm colors like corals, oranges, and yellows are other popular choices for coastal homes.

For example, a trending color in the coastal palette is gray. Coastal gray interior paint colors are typically cool greys, ranging from light to dark. However, light greys are used as primary colors to ensure a balanced color scheme within the home.

Pops of Color

The coastal color palette is soothing and refreshing because it uses pops of color to uplift the home.

Coastal home decor incorporates many shades of blue, turquoise, green, red, and yellow mixed with soft neutrals such as cream, beige, and gray paint colors.

The result is an uplifting yet calming style perfect for those seeking a relaxing home environment.

The best way to incorporate the coastal color trend is to use bright accent colors that enliven and revitalize the space. And if you’re using bright colors, it’s best to use them sparingly as too much color will overwhelm a room.

For example, you can choose one neutral color as the main color and incorporate other color combinations with blue hues. You can also select an neutral interior paint color that balances the space and add a pop of color with a blue wall.

This color palette includes the best coastal paint colors that are trending today.

Crisp Whites

Crisp whites are a popular interior paint color for coastal homes because they create serenity and calmness. It also makes the space feel larger since colors have less contrast.

This color can be used in conjunction with other natural paint colors or natural materials so that your coastal living room will have a calming effect on visitors while still being warm enough to enjoy during colder months.

Using shades of white is essential, so don’t be afraid to choose paint colors within the white spectrum.

Sherwin Williams – Hinting Blue

Coastal Colors for The Entire House

If you want something fresh and modern but still have a nautical feel, try using black hardware against white walls or sleek metal finishes with wood accents in neutral tones like taupe or grey. 

For example, stainless steel appliances mixed with warm oak are a great combination to bring a modern coastal design while maintaining the natural essence of coastal design.

To ensure you experience the sense of peace and serenity that coastal design provides, it is essential to use plenty of white and gray shades thought the family room, master bedroom, and dining room.

beach-inspired color palette in office space with green accent wall

For instance, painting the walls in your home with the color white is the perfect way to provide an instant, modern, and fresh touch. However, the choice of paint colors for coastal homes should be made carefully, as the colors you choose will impact the mood and style of your space.

Seascape Images and Sea Life

Coastal living is all about the ocean. Whether you live in a beach town or want to bring some oceanic design into your home, seascape images, beach colors, and sea life are the perfect way to add that watery feel. In addition, the calming beachy blue hues of the ocean can be used in your home by adding decorative pieces that include shades of blue.

beachy decor in a small bedroom

One of the best ways to add a coastal touch to your home is by using sea life images and decor. This can be done in several ways, such as adding paintings of the sea or beach scenes, using seashells and beach glass as decoration, or even having a fish tank in your home.

After all, most coastal homes are located near bodies of water since it’s one of their main features- so why not showcase them?

The great thing about using sea life images is that they can be very subtle or more overt, depending on your preference. You can choose to have a few small items as decoration or go all out and paint an entire wall with a mural of the ocean. Of course, this choice will depend on whether you are going for a modern look.

Airy Feel

To create a beachy feel, focusing on textures with natural colors such as wicker furniture pieces, jute rugs, and natural fabrics like linen and cotton in light colors is important.

This will help you achieve the airy feeling that creates an escape from reality without sacrificing any sophistication or luxury!

Also, ensure you incorporate many windows, so your space feels open and inviting.

Using these natural elements will surely encompass an easy-going beach vibe.

In Conclusion

The bottom line is that coastal living is a great way to live. You can see your surroundings and experience the beachy feeling while relaxing in your home. There’s no better feeling than that!

No matter how you decide to add coastal decor into your home, make sure it reflects your style and brings you peace and relaxation.

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  1. My aunt wants to freshen up the look of her home so she can invite her friends for parties after the pandemic. I love your idea of investing in colors that promotes rejuvenation and calmness! Maybe we should find a home exterior painter that can use teal and other colors on her home!

  2. We bought our home 11 years ago and the interior is all shades of dark brown or orangish brown. I’m ready for a change of color to brighten up the space. I love the beach but live in Texas. Now to save money for the renovations.

    1. Hi Debbie! I know exactly what you mean regarding the dark browns. You can go Coastal as well. So many love this design style and can execute it anywhere in the US. It is all about the cool calming colors and natural textures. Email if you have any other questions.

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