Coastal Style Bedroom Furniture: A Complete Guide

Coastal interior design is one of the most popular interior styles, especially in coastal regions like Florida and California. To create a coastal look in your bedroom, you’ll want to shop for coastal-style bedroom furniture.

Here is a guide on choosing organic furniture and decor to create an authentic, beachy bedroom.

natural wood ceiling in a coastal master coastal bedroom design

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Coastal furniture features light, airy colors and clean lines. There are several ways to incorporate this look into your bedroom.

Is Coastal Your Style?

Coastal style is one of the most popular home decor trends in the United States these days. This can be attributed to several factors, but it seems that most people who have adopted this style have done so as a way to create a relaxing and calming living space.

Before choosing any furniture, you need to decide what kind of coastal style you want in your bedroom.

Do you want something more tropical or feel like it could belong on a New England beach?

Before committing to any pieces, make sure they fit with what you envision for your space. It may be helpful to create a mood board with pictures of furniture items on Pinterest or even with real items.

Coastal bedroom with organic elements

How can I make a coastal look in my bedroom?

If you’re looking to make your bedroom feel more like a vacation spot, there are three main things you can focus on: lighting, furniture, and decor.

Lighting is the most important element in any room, but it’s particularly important when trying to create an atmosphere like a retreat from the rest of the world.

One easy way to do this is to add lamps around your bed or couch that have lampshades made with natural materials—like rattan or bamboo.

If you want something more traditional, consider getting lamps with shells or starfish designs instead.

Furniture is essential for creating a place to relax and unwind, but when you’re going for a coastal look in your bedroom, it can be hard to know where to start.

Remember that textures are key! So if you want a comfortable place to read, consider getting armchairs with soft cushions and fabric upholstery.

If you need something more practical for spending time with friends and family, try getting wooden tables with wicker chairs.

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Finally, decorate! This is where you can bring in those beachy elements without overwhelming the room. Consider things like shells, starfish, lighthouses, coral—anything that will remind you of life on the coast!

What is coastal chic decor?

Coastal chic decor happens when you’re sitting on the beach, listening to the waves crash, and you start feeling inspired to bring that feeling into your home.

Coastal chic decor uses a lot of cool, sandy colors and smooth textures to mimic the feel of being at the beach and watching the waves.

Another important part of the coastal chic decor is simplicity: instead of having too much going on or too many different elements in one room, try keeping things clean in your space by using simple lines and not overdoing it with decorations or accessories.

That way, everything in your space will complement each other without clashing or making things look crowded.

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How to Choose the Right Coastal Theme and Color Scheme

The first step in picking out coastal bedroom furniture is to decide if you want your room to be a retreat or an oasis. Coastal-themed bedrooms can be either of these or both. Your choice will depend on your preference for a more relaxing or stimulating environment.

For example, if you prefer a soothing retreat, then you would want to choose light, airy colors such as blues and greens for your wall color and bedding. If you prefer a more stimulating environment, then pick bolder colors like reds and yellows for your wall color and bedding.

Next, choose a theme for your coastal bedroom furniture. The most popular themes are:

  • Beach Retreat – Featuring casual furniture with soft lines and light colors
  • Spa Retreat – Featuring minimalistic, modern pieces with clean lines and bright colors
  • Tropical Retreat – Featuring tropical designs with bright colors such as reds, oranges, pinks, and purples
  • Ocean Retreat – Featuring ocean-inspired designs including fish, shells, etc.

Find the Right Wood

Coastal furniture is typically made of lighter-colored woods such as pine, poplar, or cedar. The wood should be unfinished so that you’re able to stain it however you want (and so that it doesn’t get damaged by water). Darker woods like walnut or mahogany could be too heavy for this type of design aesthetic.

Choose Your Bed Frame Wisely

When it comes to coastal style furniture, the bed frame is probably what people think of first. It should be comfortable and fit well in your space. But don’t forget about the footboard! Make sure it’s high enough so that when you sit in bed, both feet can rest comfortably on it—or else try going for a platform bed that doesn’t have one.

Add in some nightstands and a dresser that matches your bed frame. This can be tough if budgets are tight, since furniture doesn’t always come in sets like you might think. But by keeping an eye out at garage sales or thrift stores, you’ll be able to find matching pieces over time.

Must-Have Home Furnishings in Coastal Style Bedroom

Area Rug

The rug: Choose a rug that’s a neutral color and not too busy with patterns, so that it doesn’t clash with the rest of your decor. You don’t want to cover up the beautiful flooring you already have! If you have hardwood floors, choose a low-pile rug that is easy to clean.

Decorative Pillows

The pillows: Choose pillows in colors that match the colors in your art, like blues and greens. That way, your whole space will feel cohesive and calm.

Window Treatments

The curtains: Choose sheer, or at least partially sheer, to let in lots of natural light. They’ll also help you feel closer to nature, an important part of coastal style.


Sea Grass LED Lamp Coastal for Bedroom: This lovely Sea Grass lamp is perfect for any coastal bedroom. The lighted sea grass adds a beautiful glow and a hint of color to your room. This lamp is made of glass and metal with a driftwood finish. It will look great on any nightstand or side table in your home. A great gift idea!

Coastal Bedding

All season Duvet Cover Set: The Duvet Cover Set is a chic way to add a touch of the sea to your bedroom. Its soft material makes it perfect for all seasons: use it alone during the warmer weather, and pair it with blankets when temperatures drop.

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