20 Trendy Exterior Paint Colors for Florida Homes

Changing the color of your home’s exterior can make a huge difference in its overall appearance and value. But what paint colors should you choose?

Living in Florida presents some unique challenges for homeowners, particularly when it comes to exterior painting. With its hot and humid climate, you’ll want to select colors that will withstand the sun’s rays and preserve your home’s aesthetic appeal.

To pick the right color for your Florida home, you will need to consider a combination of factors, including the style of your home, lighting effects, and other features in your home.

In this article, we’ll share 20 trendy exterior paint colors for Florida homes that are sure to make a statement.

Florida Home Exterior Paint Colors

Choosing the right paint color for your Florida home can be difficult, but there are no wrong answers. However, some colors will complement the exterior of your home better than others.

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Neutral Gray Color Palettes

Neutral paint colors provide a timeless look for your home and can be easily accessorized with brighter, bolder hues. Shades of gray are also great for blending in with the natural surroundings of Florida’s outdoors.

Many modern homes in Florida are painted gray.

Here are a few of our favorite gray exterior paint color palettes for Florida homes:

  • Stonington Gray & Paper White: Use this palette if you prefer an airy and breezy look. Choose a light, warm gray as your main color, then pair it with white trimming and accents.
  • Charcoal & Simply White: This combination is great for a modern look. Use white as the main color, then incorporate charcoal-colored accents and details.
  • Horizon & Amherst Gray: For a more dramatic look, use light gray as the primary color and add charcoal accents.

All White Paint Colors

All white is a standard neutral because it’s timeless and offers a classic look. White also helps reflect light and heat, which is great for homes in hot climates like Florida.

This luxury home in Cape Coral is painted all white with a modern roof and large windows that give it character.

Here are some of our favorite all-white exterior paint color palettes:

  • Pure White & Antique White: If you want a subtle look, choose pure white as your main color and antique white as the accent.

Spanish & Mediterranean Color Palettes

When it comes to choosing exterior paint colors for Spanish-style homes, reds and oranges reign supreme.

These vibrant hues are not only popular but also frequently found in decorative items like paintings and other works of art.

Spanish and Meditteranean homes typically have a terracotta roof with a dusty red or beige color.

In addition to reds and oranges, the color yellow is often associated with feelings of happiness and well-being, making it another common choice for painting home exteriors.

Here are a few of our favorite Spanish/Mediterranean exterior paint color palettes:

  • Bee’s Wax, Napery, and Black Bean: Create a cheerful look with these bright colors. Start with Bee’s Wax as the primary shade, then add accents of Napery and Black Bean for extra vibrancy.
  • Naturel, Meadow Trail, and Manor House: Naturel is a light, warm yellow that works great as the main color. Add Meadow Trail to emphasize architectural elements, and Manor House for accents.
  • Latte, Protégé Bronze, and Edamame: This combination of hues is great for Spanish-style homes. Latte can be used as the primary shade, with Protégé Bronze and Edamame providing accents.

Light Green Color Palettes

The use of light greens as an exterior paint color is a splendid choice due to their ability to seamlessly blend with nature and harmonize with the tropical climates of Florida.

These hues are particularly suitable for craftsman-style homes as they beautifully complement the prevalent brick and stonework found in many of these dwellings.

Here are a few of our favorite light green exterior paint color palettes:

  • Saybrook Sage and Tapestry Beige: For a classic yet subtle look, use sage green as your main color and white for the trim and accents.
  • Creekside Green and Icicle: If you prefer a more vibrant look, combine Creekside Green with Icicle for an energizing effect.
  • Wales Green and White Wisp: Get a cozy, cottage-style look by combining Wales Green with White Wisp. This combination is perfect for homes in coastal areas.

Similar green paint colors at Benjamin Moore:

Rich Reds with Neutral Paint Colors

If you’re interested in a bold color, you can match a rich shade of red with neutral paint colors like off-white and beige. The contrasting colors will give any Florida home an elegant and sophisticated look.

Here are a few of our favorite red exterior paint color palettes:

  • Rustic Red, Creamy, and Cityscape: Use deep red as your primary color, then pair it with cream-colored accents to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Here is a red color palette for a Florida home exterior:

Coastal Color Palettes

Florida homes often embrace casual coastal colors, particularly in beachside cities and towns.

To achieve a magazine-worthy beach house look, consider the timeless combination of pristine white siding and charming sky-blue shutters.

Here are a few of our favorite coastal color palettes:

  • Silver Gray and Seashell: Use ocean blue as the main color and white for trimming and accents to create a beachy feel.
  • Rainforest Dew and White Dove: Create a tranquil look with this combination that features a soft yellow as the primary color and white trimming and accents.

Here is a casual coastal color palette from Benjamin Moore:

How to Choose Exterior Paint Colors

When it comes to picking exterior paint colors for your Florida home, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

  • Take into account the style and era of your house. While some colors may look great on modern homes, they may not work as well on older styles.
  • Consider the climate in Florida and how it will affect your paint choice. For example, lighter colors can reflect light and heat while darker colors may absorb more heat.
  • Look at the surrounding landscape when selecting a color. Choosing hues that complement your landscaping can enhance your home’s overall appearance and provide a stunning visual.

Color Combinations

Your home’s colors should be based on the colors of the foundation, window trim, and even the roof. These colors provide a starting point for creating a color scheme that will match the style of your home.

Many attractive paint color combinations use three colors—a dominant shade and two accents, including one that may be richer or brighter than the others.

Size of the Home

Additionally, the size of a home can affect how colors look. A large home painted in darker colors may make the exterior look ominous, while a small house painted in too many light colors may look awkward.

Are you planning on selling your home?

If you plan to move or sell the house in the next few years, you’ll want to consider what other people would find appealing about it, not just your personal tastes.

Curb appeal is key when selling a home, and buyers want to be able to picture themselves living there.

Neutral colors are definitely the way to go if you’re planning to sell your home soon.

Bottom Line

No matter which color scheme you choose, remember that the exterior paint colors are just one part of creating an attractive home. Add landscaping and outdoor accessories that will go well with your exterior paint colors to finish the job. Doing so will create a stunning look for your Florida home.

When it comes to painting and decorating the outside of your Florida home, you have countless options – from vibrant hues to neutral palettes.

By considering the climate and architecture of your home, you can create a look that is sure to impress. With the right combination of colors, your Florida home will be an inviting oasis of beauty.

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  1. Great article! Very informative, especially right now in our neighborhood. The beige/brown/pink/yellow tones are what we have now.
    I really like the color palettes you showed! I’m excited to see the variety in colors and think our community will come together and each group will choose what’s right for their group.

  2. Love the coastal tones!! We are redoing our clubhouse here in Naples, and also trying to get rid of the browns, beiges, yellows, etc. Cool colors are in! I wish I could attach a picture to show the beautiful transformation of our secondary pool last year. We are doing the clubhouse and big pool this year. Hail to the greys, blues and greens!

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