20 Trendy Exterior Paint Colors for Florida Homes

Get inspired by these trendy and friendly exterior paint colors. Perfect for homeowners in Florida, check out this list of the most popular hues and find one that’s perfect for your home!

When it comes to exterior paint colors for Florida homes, there is no shortage of options. From the traditional beige and browns to the more daring hues of green and blue, there is a color for everyone.

To pick the right color for your Florida home, you will need to consider a combination of factors, including the style of your home, lighting effects, and other features in your home.

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How to Choose Exterior Paint Colors

When choosing paint colors for your Florida home, it’s essential to consider the surrounding area and your community’s preferences. Some homeowners prefer different colors to match their neighbors’ homes, while others want to stick with a theme or color palette they like.

Your home’s colors should be based on the colors of the foundation, window trim, and even the roof. These colors provide a starting point for creating a color scheme that will match the style of your home.

Additionally, the size of a home can affect how colors look. A large home painted in darker colors may make the exterior look ominous, while a small house painted in too many light colors may look awkward.

Many attractive paint color combinations use three colors—a dominant shade and two accents, including one that may be richer or brighter than the others.

If you plan to move or sell the house in the next few years, you’ll want to consider what other people would find appealing about it and not just your personal tastes. Curb appeal is key when selling a home, and buyers want to be able to picture themselves living there.

Florida Home Exterior Paint Colors

Choosing the right paint color for your Florida home can be difficult, but there are no wrong answers. However, some colors will complement the exterior of your home better than others.

Neutral Gray Color Palettes

Grey or beige homes tend to sell for a higher price on average.

Many modern homes in Florida are painted gray.

All White Paint Colors

All white is a standard neutral because it’s timeless and offers a classic look.

This luxury home in Cape Coral is painted all white with a modern roof and large windows that give it character.

Spanish & Mediterranean Color Palettes

Regarding exterior paint colors on Spanish-style homes, reds and oranges are the most popular. They are often used in decorative items like paintings and other works of art. Many people associate the bright, crisp color yellow with happiness and well-being, so it’s another standard paint color for home exteriors.

Spanish and Meditteranean homes typically have a terracotta roof with a dusty red or beige color.

Light Green Color Palettes

Light greens make a fabulous exterior paint color because they blend in with nature and fit in well with the tropical climates in Florida. They’re especially fitting with the craftsman-style homes because they complement the brick and stonework many homes have.

Similar green paint colors at Benjamin Moore:

Rich Reds with Neutral Paint Colors

If you’re interested in a bold color, you can match a rich shade of red with neutral paint colors like off-white and beige.

Here is a red color palette for a Florida home exterior:

Coastal Color Palettes

Casual coastal colors are very common in Florida homes, especially in some of the beachside cities and towns. If you want to make your beach house look like it’s right out of a magazine, go with fresh white siding and sky-blue shutters!

Here is a casual coastal color palette from Benjamin Moore:

Bottom Line

When choosing the perfect exterior paint color for your home in Florida, there is no limit to what you can choose. Just be sure to consider your home’s style and the weather conditions in your area.

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  1. Great article! Very informative, especially right now in our neighborhood. The beige/brown/pink/yellow tones are what we have now.
    I really like the color palettes you showed! I’m excited to see the variety in colors and think our community will come together and each group will choose what’s right for their group.

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