Coastal Kitchen Designs in 2022

Looking for coastal kitchen designs? You’ve come to the right place. Discover inspiration for designing your own beach-themed kitchen here!

Flooring: One of the ways you can create a beach-inspired ambiance in your kitchen is by using hardwood floors.


Natural materials are essential for achieving the organic feel of the beach. The colors of the wooden floors can vary from light beige to grey to a natural wood finish.

Be sure to read our article on the best flooring options for Florida homes. You can create the look of hardwood floors with tile flooring!


Ceilings: A white ceiling will allow more light to shine throughout the space, bringing more brightness to the area. Also, using exposed wooden beams and metal hardware will get a spectacular look in this type of kitchen!

If you want to open up your kitchen space, using a tray ceiling will help your kitchen appear larger.

Kitchen Backsplash:  We suggest looking for colors and materials with a seaside feel for coastal kitchens. This will evoke the mood of your design motif and help make it more memorable.


Iridescent tile is a classic seaside accent that evokes images of glistening little shells in the sun. Even a little tiled surface will be stunning!


Beach Themed Furniture: Sticking to light furniture made from wicker, rattan, or unfinished natural wood will increase the coastal vibe.

To achieve a laid-back vibe, you can incorporate wooden stools on your kitchen island.

Beach Themed Decor: After laying the foundation for your coastal kitchen, it is time to decorate!


Coastal homes use a lot of natural elements such as seashells, sea glass, driftwood, and beach-themed paintings or art. Living on the beach is rejuvenating, refreshing, and soothing. As a result, some excellent accent hues to use are blue, yellow, and coral.

To take a deeper dive into the coastal design, be sure to visit our blog for more design tips!