modern living room with square shaped ceiling beams

How to Make Your Model Home Unique

Here are some tips on how to make your model home unique by remaining true to your decorating style and tastes in interior design.

modern living room with square shaped ceiling beams

Model homes are the display homes used in a new subdivision to help sell the rest of the brand new homes. Most model homes have approximately $100K so the upgrades or decor can cause a distraction for buyers.

Have you ever seen a model home and fell in love with it? Did you end up feeling intimidated by the costs?

black ceiling beams along white ceiling and white wall paint in open concept living room

If you’re interested in purchasing a model home and making it uniquely yours… you’ve come to the right place. My journey working with clients building new homes started years ago. Asking a ton of questions and sharing home decor inspiration was where it all started.

Ideas to Make Your Model Home Unique

When I first started work as a real estate agent, it was difficult because many of my clients were relocating to Florida and most of the process was done online so let’s just say I had to get creative and fast.

Over the years, I have helped hundreds of clients create the home of their dreams.

overview of open concept living room with sectional sofa and accent rug with kitchen in background

Everyone processes a home differently. To make this process easiest I first wanted to understand how they would like to live in their home. Next was understanding how they lived in their existing homes.

This created the foundation of how to create the perfect new construction home priced in the $200,000 to $1,000,000. The framework is the same, no matter the cost.

Set a budget and stick to it

Negotiating your upgrade budget or finding an existing home inventory (this is a home that the builder completed, and it’s ready to go) that we can develop from.

hanging couch swing on front porch with coffee table

Many of my clients think they need to spend more money to get what they want because they are relying only on the builder to provide them the ideas. Many times, I can help clients stay under budget because they just need another set of eyes to see what possibilities are available.

When you make your final decision on the model home, the selection of style and decor is where everything starts with me.

Identify your favorite decorating style

The first thing you should do is identify your decorating style. Very few homeowners identify with one design style. You can pair a few of them together so it looks cohesive.

I’m often asked, how do you make a new build feel old? The easiest way to make your new build feel old is to go with dark design options throughout the home. You will see some examples below in the pictures.

Decide how each room will be used

Deciding how each room will be used… This is where I shine! I help my clients process the home and get them EXCITED about transforming their model home into their own custom space, adding tons of character.

sputnik chandelier above coffee table in living room area in open concept main floor

Some homeowners use bedrooms for office space. Others use the flex space as a dining area, while others want movie rooms or theaters.

Focus on the hardware first

If you want to add an even more unique style to the home, you should focus on the hardware in the kitchen and bathroom.

chunky brass hardware on kitchen cupboards

Another option is to focus on faucets and shower details. You can go with brass, matte finishes.

huge walk in shower with extensions with different tile option and pebbled flooring

Options are endless with finishes and styles!

Choose your flooring styles in each space

I prefer hardwood floors when possible. They should also remain the same throughout each space in the home. The consistent look throughout makes a home feel larger and more cohesive.

wooden floors on main floor around staircase with dark colored railing and stairs

Choose tile for your backsplash

The look of tile as a backsplash is always stylish to me. I love the chic look, especially behind the stovetop in the kitchen.

Countertop selections

Popular choices for kitchen countertops include granite or quartz. The right countertop style can make a kitchen look unique to your style and finalizes the durability of the kitchen space.

Custom Kitchen with Pendant Lighting and flooring with large kitchen island

Consider coffered ceilings

This architectural design is a showstopper. I think it’s so trendy and made to impress.

Ceiling beams can work too. Either option adds lots of character to the living space, especially if you like a minimalist design.

dark colored wood beams along the ceiling with hanging lights

Create accent walls

There are so many design choices when it comes to accent walls. I really love how the different color combinations can give the space personality.

large built in chalkboard taking up entire wall space in office

Make use of extra spaces

If possible, I recommend creating a storage space like a drop zone. You will love the organization and as seen below, you can make it happen with style!

built in shelves with basket and a bench in a drop zone near door leading to garage

Did you like any of these ideas for creating a unique model home? I hope you’ll find these ideas helpful during your decision making process for purchasing your dream home. Best of luck!

Make Your Model Home Unique FAQs

I’m often asked the following questions by new and prospective clients looking for help with interior design and decorating.

Why can a new build feel like it’s lacking personality?

Many times, people feel it is cookie-cutter and cannot envision the multiple design style that can be achieved. When you think of it as a remodel, you can see the potential options that are available.

How can you determine what to add to your model home?

It is all about understanding what your design style is. That determines the style of flooring, paint colors, and kitchen design.

What’s the easiest way to make a new build feel old?

The easiest way to make your new build feel old is to go with dark design options throughout the home. Adding character is mixing and matching styles and colors while making the final project cohesive.

How long do you have to wait until you can decorate a new build?

Once you have signed the contract with the builder, you are looking to have your design appointment in 30 days or less. The average wait time is 2 weeks.

When you’re moved into your new model home, the next thing to do is decorate! You can learn more about where to start when decorating a home here.

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