Glam Interior Design for Luxury Homes

As a real estate agent who absolutely adores interior design and decor, I’ve had the pleasure of working with numerous clients who possess a keen eye for design and love infusing their unique personality styles into their homes.

Creating an inviting space is the key to truly loving your home. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is through the use of design decor. Glam Interior Design is a popular style embraced by many. It exudes boldness, stunning aesthetics, drama, opulence, and a sense of daring.

Key Elements in Glamorous Interior Design

Rich and Luxurious Materials

These can range from silk and velvet upholstery to crystal and glass accents. They add an element of sophistication and high-end appeal to any room. These materials are often found in glam interior design, especially in furniture and accessories.

Metallic Accents & Tones

Gold, silver, bronze, and other metallics are often used in glam design. They can be used in furniture, wall decor, or even lighting fixtures to add a touch of glam. The reflective surfaces of these metals also help create an elegant and glamorous ambiance.

Bold Colors

Glam design often features a bold color palette, including deep, rich tones like ruby red, emerald green, and royal blue.

These colors can create a dramatic, stylish, and luxurious feel. When used correctly, they can elevate a space and add depth to the design.

Statement Furniture

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Furniture pieces with unique designs, elaborate details, or high-gloss finishes are a staple in glam interior design. They serve as focal points that elevate the overall room design. Statement pieces can range from a chandelier dripping in crystals to a plush velvet couch with intricate detailing.

Luxurious Lighting

Glam design often features oversized chandeliers, table lamps with crystal accents, or even floor lamps with metallic finishes. These pieces not only illuminate the space but also add a level of luxury and elegance.

Large Mirrors

Mirrors are another essential element in glam interior design. They not only reflect light and make a room appear bigger, but they also add a touch of glamour with their frames. Oversized or ornately framed mirrors are often used to make a statement in this style.

Layers of Texture

Glam design is all about texture. Incorporating various textures like silk, velvet, fur, and metallics adds depth and interest to a space. These textures not only create a luxurious feel but also make the room visually appealing.

Modern Glam vs Hollywood Glam

Two popular subcategories of glam interior design are Modern Glam and Hollywood Glam. While both share some similarities, they have distinct differences.

Modern Glam

Modern Glam blends traditional glam elements with modern design aesthetics. It features clean lines, minimalism, and a neutral color palette with pops of bold colors. The use of metallics is also more subtle in modern glam compared to other glam styles.

Hollywood Glam

Hollywood Glam is all about drama, luxury, and opulence. The golden age of Hollywood inspires it and features bold colors, luxurious materials, and statement pieces. Think plush velvet couches, gold accents, and oversized mirrors.

Bringing Glam Design Into Your Home

Incorporating elements of glam design into your home doesn’t mean you have to renovate or redecorate completely. There are simple ways to add touches of glamour that can elevate your space.

Remembering these points, you can achieve this design style by following a simple formula.

  1. Start by selecting a color palette and a foundational piece for your bedroom, living room, bathroom, or any other space.
  2. Then, add additional options to create a cohesive design. These choices can include pillows, throws, rugs, curtains and other accessories.
  3. Don’t be afraid to mix textures and patterns. This will help give your space depth and dimension.
  4. Finish off your design with statement pieces such as a grand mirror or a bold piece of art.

Creating a Luxury Design in Every Room


Photo Credit: The Dusty Poppy

The bedroom is often the most popular space for implementing glamorous interior design.

This room can be transformed into a luxurious retreat by adding elements such as a tufted headboard, velvet bedding, crystal chandeliers, and plush area rugs.


The bathroom may not be the first space that comes to mind when thinking about glamorous interior design, but it’s certainly an area where this style can shine. Incorporating elements such as marble, metallic tiles, and intricate details.

The bathroom is another room where you can add glam elements. Consider installing an elegant freestanding tub with metallic accents or incorporating marble countertops for a touch of luxury. Adding a statement mirror or light fixture can also enhance the overall design.

Living Room

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The living room truly becomes the heart of the home when you incorporate glamorous elements.

Elevate the space by considering a luxurious velvet couch, mirrored furniture pieces, and a bold area rug. This combination creates an inviting yet glamorous atmosphere that will surely impress.


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Even the kitchen can embrace a touch of glamour. You can incorporate metallic accents by adding them to the hardware, light fixtures, or even the backsplash.

Consider the addition of a statement chandelier above the island or incorporating decorative touches like glass cabinets or a marble countertop.

Dining Room

If you love hosting gatherings, having a dining room with a touch of glamour is a must.

Incorporating elements like a stunning crystal chandelier, a statement dining table with intricate designs, and luxurious upholstered chairs can help create an elegant and sophisticated space that will impress your guests.


The entryway is the first impression of your home and is often overlooked when it comes to design. Consider adding a statement piece, such as an oversized mirror with an ornate frame, to instantly add a touch of glam. Adding a plush area rug or a unique lighting fixture can also enhance the overall space.

Minimalist Approach to Luxury Design

Photo Credit: Vanessa Rome Interiors

While glam design is usually linked with opulence and excess, there’s a rising trend towards a more minimalist take on luxury design. This style emphasizes simplicity, clean lines, and top-notch materials to create a luxurious vibe.

By adding sleek furniture, neutral colors, and natural textures, you can achieve a minimal yet lavish look in your home.

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