8 Best Coffee Shops in Naples, Florida

Coffee. It is a drink that accompanies our mornings, breaks at work, and generally defines many memorable moments of our day. And Naples, Florida has some standout coffee shops for you to enjoy!

So today, we invite you to one of Florida’s most beautiful cities to discover its most attractive and famous cafes. 

Local Coffee Shops in Naples

Here in southwest Florida, Naples coffee is undeniably the most delicious. So let us explore the best coffee shops in Naples.

1) Kunjani Craft Coffee

Address: 780 Seagate Dr, Naples, FL 34103

The first on our list is Kunjani Craft Coffee – a place to enjoy delicious coffee, a great community, and spectacular art.

The cafe opened its doors in February 2016 and was initially designed as an independent women’s cafe combined with a gallery featuring African handmade products.

If you are visiting this romantic city, come and enjoy their coffee and tea while browsing the unique exhibits in the cafe’s gallery. If you want to taste the best coffee in Naples, this is one place you do not want to miss.

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2) 5th Avenue Coffee Company

Address: 599 5th Ave S, Naples, FL 34102

Regulars say the 5th Avenue Coffee Co & 6th Street Diner makes good bagels for breakfast. Drinks here include a delicious chai latte, iced tea, cold brew, or espressos.

The waiters serve delightful chocolate croissants, blueberry muffins, and chocolate cake to accompany the coffee.

Fast service is a big plus of 5th Avenue Coffee Company. According to customer reviews, this cafe has a stunning interior and an inviting atmosphere.

3) Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii

Address: 1307 3rd St S, Naples, FL 34102

In 1989, Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii was born on the Big Island of Hawaii to share premium American-grown Hawaiian blends with people in other parts of the world. 

Today, Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii continues to offer the highest quality coffee from Hawaii and worldwide, but the Bad Ass Coffee franchise does not end there. They also offer popular blended beverages, a variety of teas, specialty coffees, and foods with exceptional service in 24 US, US Virgin Islands, and Japan stores.

They strive to share hospitality in the spirit of Aloha by creating a store environment that allows customers to relax, enjoy and recharge their inner Bad Ass.

4) The Brick Coffee & Bar

Address: 531 5th Ave S, Naples, FL 34102

People who visit this coffee place for the first time become regular customers. Their drinks are amazing, and the staff is welcoming and friendly. If you are coming to Naples, your to-do list cannot be complete without this place and its exceptional coffee!

In addition to the coffee, the food is delicious, and the prices are appropriate. The view from the window is breathtaking, so take a minute to sit back and enjoy the moment!

5) Jane’s Cafe on 3rd

Address: 1209 3rd St S, Naples, FL 34102

Wish to treat your inner foodie? Enjoy gourmet coffee, tea, and delicious snacks at Jane’s Cafe on the 3rd!

Here you will find delicious comfort foods made with healthy, local ingredients and fabulous breakfast and lunch options.

Attention to detail is reflected not only in the decor but also in the pleasing presentation and special cocktails, which are complemented with a touch of sophistication. 

Jane’s Cafe on 3rd focuses on natural and organic dishes, including British and American cuisine. If you prefer to dine al fresco, you can do so in their English gardens or on the elegant courtyard terrace with exceptional outdoor seating.

They truly strive to provide their customers with excellent gastronomy and service, so do not hesitate to visit them, even if it is just for a coffee, as you will not be disappointed.

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6) Cove Inn Coffee Shoppe

Address: 900 Broad Ave S, Naples, FL 34102

Located just off the lobby of The Cove Inn, The Coffee Shoppe is a friendly family-run business known by locals for its delicious pancakes and classic American breakfast menu, and of course, an excellent place for coffee breaks!

The coffee shop is a small dining room off the main lobby, and you may have to wait to get a coffee, as the place is popular with locals. However, service is always friendly, polite and efficient, especially considering how busy the restaurant usually is. 

The menu has almost everything you could want, whatever the time of day, and the food is excellent!

7) Divine Naples Coffee & Wine

Address: 851 4th Ave S, Naples, FL 34102

Julius Meinl owned a grocery store in Vienna, Austria, at a time when coffee was sold green and unroasted. In 1862, a maid came to him in tears after saving her paycheck for weeks to buy coffee, but when she tried to roast it herself, she burned it on the stove.

That day, Julius Meinl decided to become the first European to sell freshly roasted coffee on his counters.

More than 150 years later, the Meinl family has spread its premium roasted coffee and Viennese cafe culture to more than 70 countries worldwide. The company proudly invites everyone to enjoy centuries-old traditions with it!

The coffee house represents social life at its best. It is a place where people get together to discuss their dreams, meditate on their thoughts, share ideas, compose masterpieces, read, or sit quietly and watch the daily lives of others. 

The cafe feels like home with one cup of coffee traditionally served on a silver tray with a glass of water.

8) The Cafe

Address: 821 5th Ave S, Naples, FL 34102

The Cafe on 5th specializes in homemade, high-quality breakfast, lunch, and fresh pastries.

The company traces its roots to the Scandinavian informal lifestyle and the influence of European cafes. They strive to create a place where everyone can enjoy great coffee and good food in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.

The menu brings together the best of European and American cooking and baking traditions. The emphasis is on excellent and fresh ingredients and professional cooking at affordable prices. The cafe is located in the heart of Naples, with a great terrace and a pleasant, warm interior with large windows facing the street.

Bottom Line

Whether you prefer a classic espresso or a tall latte, these fantastic coffee shops in Naples won’t disappoint.

As the icing on the cake, these locations are also where the locals meet. So, if you are a coffee lover, add these places to your must-visit list.

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