What to Pack in Your Beach Bag: Top 15 Beach Essentials

Don’t know what to pack in your beach bag? Here is a list of our favorite beach bag essentials for a Florida beach trip.

When it comes to packing for the beach this season, it can be tricky to know what essentials you need and what will just get in the way. If you’re heading to the beach this summer, make sure you have these 15 essential items in your beach bag! From sunscreen to sandals, here are our top picks for what to take to the beach this season.

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Living in Central Florida is like a dream. There are plenty of homes with tropical vibes. Orlando has lots to offer and is less than a few hours’ drive from some fabulous beaches.

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If you’re new to Orlando or have lived here your whole life, then you probably know that the question you’re asked the most is what are the best beaches to visit near Orlando? And the follow-up question usually is what should we pack?

This article was originally published in March 2021 and updated in March 2022 to give you more ideas and recommendations on what to pack in your beach bag.

The Ultimate List of Beach Bag Essentials

When planning your summer vacation, it’s important to think about what you’ll need to pack in order to get the most out of your time on the beach. With these beach essentials, we hope you will feel better prepared for your next family beach vacation!

1) The Perfect Beach Bag

The first thing you’ll need to store all your items is a beach bag! The perfect beach bag is typically a large tote like this one that can make it easy to keep the essentials all in one place. It’s big enough to hold a beach towel or two, plus a few extras like sunscreen and sunglasses.

First, make sure your tote bag is big enough to hold a beach towel or two as well as a few extras like sunscreen and sunglasses. Second, make sure the bag is lightweight and easy to carry. Finally, choose a bag that has plenty of room for all of your goodies, and make sure it has a comfortable strap so you can wear it as a shoulder bag or backpack.

Here are our top picks for beach bags:

Whether you’re looking for a stylish option or something budget-friendly, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few other beach totes to consider too in a variety of styles and price points.

2) Turkish Towels

These Turkish towels are made of 100% genuine cotton and are extremely soft, absorbent, and warm. The hems are professionally double stitched for increased durability and long-life satisfaction for the user. Turkish cotton is also really safe for the skin and very comfortable. They’ll last for many summers to come!

3) Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Staying hydrated while at the beach is essential. Make it easy with a reusable water bottle like this stainless steel water bottle. It comes with a hook which makes it easy to attach to your beach bag or backpack.

4) Sunglasses

Keep your eyes away from direct sunlight. The right sunglasses will also prevent you from squinting your eyes. Nobody wants to develop fine lines around the eyes from a day at the beach!

5) Sunscreen

Sun protection is essential, especially when you’ll be exposed for several hours on those sunny days! This All Good Mineral Sun Care Set takes care of it all: ears, nose, face, and lips. It’s all especially important that you wear it, even the lip balm, because your lips can get sunburnt like the rest of your skin! The sunscreen butter is water-resistant too.

6) Portable Charger

Most phones these days can stay charged all day long, but having a portable charger is good to keep in your car at the very least. If you plan on being at the beach all day long, portable chargers give you peace of mind when you’re not worrying about your cell phone losing all its battery charge.

7) Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Keep your group entertained with some music on the go! This portable speaker can connect to any smartphone with Bluetooth.

8) Water Shoes

Water shoes are actually really helpful when you’re walking to and from the beach. Hot sand is real, and it can burn your feet. Plus, walking around in the sand while wearing flip flops can be uncomfortable. Water shoes are much more comfortable to wear and easy to clean off when the day is over.

9) Sand Proof Beach Blanket

Beach blankets are easier to carry to the beach than beach chairs. The fabric in this beach blanket allows you to relax and avoid skin irritations. It is also easy to clean, you can just brush off the sand with no effort! The beach blanket is made of water-repellent, sand-resistant fabrics which means it will not need to be dried after use on the beach.

10) Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are helpful to have because they make it easy to quickly wash your face and hands. Keep your hands clean before you eat a snack or meal. And if you sweat during the day, you can also use these wipes on your face to clean up.

11) Hairbrush

It’s easy for your hair to get tangled throughout the day, and it’s especially annoying when it’s covered in sand. It’s nice to have a hairbrush for detangling and removing sand from your hair.

12) Sun Hat or Baseball Cap

The face and scalp are most likely to get sunburnt so give them extra protection with a sun hat. Straw hats are very fitting for the beach and look great with swimwear. But you can also wear a baseball cap if that’s more comfortable for you.

13) Swimsuit Cover Up

Whether you’re going for a walk on the beach or spending time in the pool, a swimsuit cover up is nice to have! If you plan on eating out or shopping at the stores near the beach, it’s great to have a cute cover up to wear over your swimsuit. It will provide you with some sun protection in a fashionable way.

14) Waterproof Case

You may want to pack a waterproof case for your smartphone and wallet, just in case! The phone pouch has a double air padding design that makes it float and protect your phone from damage if it accidentally falls off. This waterproof camera is perfect for recording amazing videos while snorkeling and swimming underwater.

15) Food Storage Containers

If you want to maximize your time (and your budget) while you’re at the beach, then packing your own food is an absolute must. Food storage containers are a great way to store snacks in your beach bag, and keep the sand away. These food containers come with two compartments so you can easily separate fruits and vegetables and other healthy snacks.

Conclusion: What to Pack in Your Beach Bag

We hope this helped you feel better prepared for your next trip to the beach, which will allow you to have a fun day with as little hassle as possible. Pack your beach bag with the beach day essentials listed here so you can save it on your smartphone.

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