Accent Wall Ideas for Your Home Office

As you likely know from many days of working at home, an office space that is inspiring and not dull can make a huge difference in productivity and mental well-being.

While a complete room renovation isn't always possible or practical, one simple design technique that goes a long way is utilizing an accent wall.

Let's explore these accent wall ideas that are perfect for dressing up a home office space on a budget.

This technique involves painting or using wallpaper only on one side of the wall, usually the side where you want to draw attention.

Side Molding

This type of accent wall adds warmth and coziness to your workspace and pairs well with rustic, farmhouse, or Scandinavian design styles.

Board and Batten

This clever design provides ample storage space for office supplies and paperwork while also functioning as a workspace.

Built-In Wall Organizer

This type of accent wall involves installing thin wood planks or slats on the wall, creating a stunning geometric pattern.

Wood Slats

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