Your Florida Journey Starts Here

Embracing the sun-kissed lifestyle that Florida offers begins with finding the perfect home—one that meets your expectations not just in design, but also in the irreplaceable feeling of community and comfort.

As your guide and Florida expert in this journey, I aim to share the insights and lessons learned from my own experience and perspective of my clients over the last 20 plus years of those looking to make Florida home.  

I offer trusted professional advice, heartfelt testimonials, and comprehensive guides tailored to assist you in navigating the landscapes of Florida living.

Whether you’re dreaming of a chic condo, townhome, spacious suburban retreat, or an invest property your quest to call Florida home starts with a step into this community of shared expertise and warm welcomes. 

What Can You Expect to Learn Here?

  • Personal experiences and insights from a fellow Florida resident.
  • Professional advice on navigating the real estate market in Florida.
  • Comprehensive guides on different areas and communities in Florida.
  • Tips for finding your dream home or ways to make your existing home the one with endless ideas on how to refresh your existing home! 
  • Tips on how to maintain your home with best practices.
  • Places to go when you come to visit or new places to explore throughout the state and the beyond like the Caribbean!

That’s where I come in – as your trusted advisor, sharing my personal experiences and knowledge of the real estate market and lifestyle in Florida.

I understand the importance of feeling at home in a new place, which is why I want to help make your transition as smooth as possible. Based in Central Florida I have knowledge on the area and can share insights that have helped countless clients and friends along the way! 


When I selected Nicole to help me find my forever home, I knew she was the perfect one. She listened to all of my concerns and honestly I wasn’t feeling hopeful. Within a few months, she was able to find the perfect custom new build by combining 3 different floor plans. She didn’t stop there. She helped me streamline interior finishes, keeping us on budget with key design features I love today. I can’t thank her enough!
Erica J.
Horizon West, Florida
I found Florida Homes and Living via Pinterest and loved all of the information and visuals it offered. We were in the middle of building our home in Canada and happy that a quick consult with Nicole and selected the perfect piano stairs to install that my wife and I absolutely love!
The Cote Family
Winter Park, Florida
FloridaHomesandLiving was exactly what I needed to help me find the perfect white paint for my kitchen renovation. This is my go-to resource for design ideas and has helped me tremendously. I love the way information is shared. Simple with visuals that helped me discover exactly what I wanted.
Maxine F.

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    So what are you waiting for? Come join us and start your journey to a new life in the Sunshine State! With my professional advice, testimonials from satisfied clients, and informative guides, you can find the perfect home and start living your Florida dream. Let’s make it happen together!

    If you have more specific questions send me a quick email. I would love to hear from you! 🙂