Pros and Cons of Living in Orlando

Looking to move to the sunshine state? Learn more about the pros and cons of living in Florida, especially Orlando and the central Florida region.

What are the benefits of moving to Florida? Let's talk about the biggest pros of living in Florida today.

Central Location: If you move to Orlando, you are centrally located to some of the country's best beaches and travel destinations!



Economy: Orlando is known for being a business and an industrial hub. There is a reason that educated professionals are moving to Orlando. The job market here is very promising!

Taxes:  Florida has no state income tax, a very nice perk when you’re looking at your paychecks! Property taxes are also lower than in other states; in Florida, the average property tax rate is 0.98%.


Now let's be transparent and share some of the cons as well. Luckily, there aren't many!


Insects Everywhere: Pesticides are sprayed everywhere to keep mosquitos under control, but if you live in Florida full time, you would think that all the pesticides in the world will not make a difference.

Extreme Weather: Along with all the good weather days, Orlando is at risk of extreme weather conditions like hurricanes and severe thunderstorms.


Urban Sprawl: Economic growth has caused rapid population growth, and things can seem even more crowded when you take into account the large numbers of tourists and visitors to the area.


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