Home Design Tips


If you prefer a home that is organized, clutter-free, and clean, then these minimalist decorating tips may be useful for styling your home.

1. Styling the Kitchen

You can use a very simple backsplash like subway tiles which could be done in a traditional brick pattern or vertically. The photo below is just one example of what could work.

If you are looking for something different, bring in texture with a stone backsplash to accent your white cabinets. It does not have to be sterile. Adding the texture will warm up the space.

2. Styling the Living Room

Start with an AMAZING sofa. This is a piece you want to invest in and then develop from there.

Living Room Decor: Use simple pillows with minimal texture and colors to match the design. Simple centerpieces on coffee tables and side tables work well.

3. Styling the bathroom

Since most bathrooms are small, focus on the lighting and decorate with some light-colored towels and decor.

Bathroom Decor: If you want to have decor in your bathroom, keep it simple. Light-colored towels, plants, simple light fixtures, vertical shelving.

4. Styling the bedroom

The bedrooms are probably the best rooms in the home to apply the minimalist design. You can use acrylic, metal, or wood textures in the furniture. Keep all lines symmetrical.

Make each space look cohesive with the decor and design elements that you choose. This dining room has lots of organic elements.