Orlando Business Spotlight: Stacked and Co.

Introducing Stacked and Co., a local fauxtanical + home decor business in Orlando, FL that specializes in designing spaces with “fauxtanicals”.

Have you ever visited the Ritz Carlton in Orlando and noticed the beautiful decor added into the interior design? Well today you are in for a treat. The decor pieces strategically placed to blend with the design style is curated by Jenna Crellin, the founder of Stacked and Co.

Who Is Jenna Crellin?

Jenna is the owner & creator behind the award-winning, Orlando-based FAUXtanical design company, Stacked and Co

Known as the Face of Faux, Jenna’s creations are recognized as memorable faux floral arrangements and statement pieces for her clients.

Since launching in 2013, Jenna has worked on a multitude of high-end residential, hospitality, clubhouse and model merchandising projects with designers, across the U.S. while also creating pieces for her private clientele.

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What are fauxtanicals? Is it only faux plants?

I coined the term ‘fauxtanicals’, very early on, by combining the word faux + botanicals. Most people still call artificial florals ‘silks’. It’s a term that’s been used for artificial or faux florals for many years since faux was originally created out of silk material/fabrics.

However, the term has always sounded ‘dated’ to me and my pieces always reflected more of a realistic composition of stems, greenery and succulents…the term ‘silks’ didn’t seam to fit for me.

Plus, faux floral stems, greenery and succulents have evolved SO much, very few of them today are actually made out of silk.

What are your favorite design style?

My favorite design style leans more towards curated/collected accessories and clean, modern, yet eclectic mix of flowers and container options. I love finding and searching for color combos, textures and different container options that people haven’t seen before.

My clients lean more towards a mix of modern and transitional design. You can find many of my pieces infused with different textures, proportions and real-touch materials, hand selected by me for quality control.

How did you start this business? What makes you stand out in this space of faux plants?

My background is design. I have a degree in interior design from Florida State University and worked with prestigious design firms in Naples and Winter Park. I’ve worked as an expeditor, designer and model home merchandiser for many years.

When I started in Design, after graduating in 2002, modern florals, succulents and greenery were non existent. Every thing to choose from locally was just awful. The colors, textures, containers, and proportions never worked with the custom design aesthetic our clients wanted. I found myself making pieces myself for my projects and then other designers I worked with wanted me to make pieces for their projects too.

I believe my eye for detail and design aesthetic set me apart from the oversaturated market of dated florals available to the masses. Since I’ve been in the design work for a long time, I’m also able to forecast upcoming design colors and trends for the upcoming year and plan ahead to have the appropriate products available for my designers and clients.

What are some of your favorite pieces and why?

Some of my favorite pieces are the big ones! I love creating oversized statement pieces in large planters. I also love when the client trusts me and I have the freedom to create what I think would fit so perfectly within their spaces.

How were you able to work with the top designers in the area?

I knew several of them when I started the company. They encouraged to start the company and promised to purchase from me for their projects.

Over the years, all of my clients have been referrals/ word of mouth. It’s a small design world, so when  a designer finds a reliable source, news travels fast!

Can you share more of the process of creating faux plants and decor?

Everything is created in house by hand and custom made to fit our clients custom designed spaces. Most of my collaborations with designers happen in 2 WAYS:

  1. They can shop our showroom for ready made pieces they can take same day for installations or they can be delivered to the site or warehouse or
  2. Designers can come in to the showroom or email us their presentations, which include all the materials used in their projects.

From the lighting fixtures, table sizes and finishes, furniture plans, fabrics, wall coverings and flooring…it is ALL apart of the final details in pulling the home or space together with the right florals, greenery and accessories.

You wouldn’t think these specifics would be important to floral design, but it is essential that we know these details to be sure the space looks cohesive to the design and not just an afterthought. For example, if a cocktail table is in a silver metallic finish, I won’t use a silver metallic container.

If there’s a need for a floral in a bathroom but doesn’t have much counter space, it’s important the piece is more slender and tall vs. short and wide. Also, is the vibe more of a casual coastal condo in Vero Beach or a 35 million dollar home on ocean drive in south Florida. Those 2 places would have significantly different arrangements.

Any new future projects you would like to share?

I have several exciting opportunities coming up that I’m excited to share next year! I’m currently finishing up a spec home in South Florida that will sell for 60 million dollars. The pieces turned out so beautiful! This one had to be fantastic and complete within just a few weeks. Supply shortages and freight issues made this one particularly difficult and pushed me to my limits, but it was worth it to see the final pieces!!

I know you typically work with businesses, but do you ever work with the general public?

Yes, I mostly sell to the design trade and production crews and teams. I will take on clients from the general public a few times out of the year. Interested clients will need to be added to a waitlist and our minimum order requirement for clients is $1,450.

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